Finally hit 5000.....

masanz1 Posts: 65 Member


  • herblovinmom
    herblovinmom Posts: 349 Member
    Wow! Great log in streak!! Well done!!!👏
  • Littlepeeper
    Littlepeeper Posts: 56 Member
    What an incredible count of your dedication to your health. A massive life impact right there. Goal setting. Goal crushing. Inspired.
  • walkintofit
    walkintofit Posts: 3,204 Member
    wow thats impressive total right there!
  • deckerp
    deckerp Posts: 4,365 Member
    edited November 2023
    Congrats. A big number.

    Below is an MFP friend with the same number.


    I had mine interrupted by Disney World 13 1/2 years ago. I refused to pay for Wi-Fi at Disney. I already gave them enough money. :smile:

    I'll be at 5000 in 60 days. Not sure what my streak was prior to Disney but probably only 100-300 days.
  • Kishajnalka
    Kishajnalka Posts: 1 Member
    my longest period has most probably never exceeded 1 full week. You logged every day for the past 13 years. Wow. I have a 7-year-old daughter and I changed, quit, and restarted habits multiple times even in her lifetime.
    My questions are: What makes you log tomorrow, do you log after every meal or once a week (like planning) what is the biggest benefit that you had from logging your meals?
    Thank you for - even just considering the - answering,
  • mjglantz
    mjglantz Posts: 486 Member
    Wow! Just wow!!!
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