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How to calculate servings of soup?

AngelinaKhoury Posts: 4 Member
edited November 2023 in Health and Weight Loss
Hello friends, how are yall doing? ❤️
I wanted to ask, if I make a soup pot and wanna divide it into serving, should I also calculate the water in the recipe? Btw the soup isn't creamy its like cubes of vegetables yk...
The thing is if I also calculate water and divide it into servings, each serving should weigh way more and I'm kinda confused if I'm doing it right...
Any help is appreciated 🫶🏼🫶🏼


  • Lietchi
    Lietchi Posts: 6,462 Member
    It's the same issue for all prepared foods: cooking causes changes in weight of the cooked foods (loss of water in case of baking, extra water in case of soup, boiling pasta,...)

    I would:
    - log the individual ingredients (raw weight) into a recipe or save it as a meal
    - weigh the finished soup
    - weigh the individual portion you eat and log the appropriate fraction of the total meal/recipe
  • AnnPT77
    AnnPT77 Posts: 33,061 Member
    Lietchi's answer is spot on.

    If it's too late to do that this time, create the recipe/meal still (if you know the ingredient amounts). That will give you the total calories in the whole thing. Then make a guess at what fraction of the soup your portion was. That will be close enough for a starting point.

    Next time, if you want to be more precise/accurate, do what Lietchi suggested.

    Some people like to weigh the pans/baking dishes they use most often, and put the list of weights inside a cabinet door or something like that. That way, they can just weigh the finished product and subtract the pot weight to know the weight of the food without remembering to the pot each time.

    Personally, for something like this, I use the recipe builder, then put the total weight in grams into the number of servings. (That will make MFP give you some sort of "do you really mean it" message, but it will let you continue. Then, when I eat the soup, I'd put my bowl on the scale, zero, add my soup, note the number of grams of soup, and log the number of grams as the number of servings.

    Best wishes!

  • no1racefan2
    no1racefan2 Posts: 84 Member
    I use the recipe builder but I don't add things like water, spices, etc. I take a more 'approximate' approach and will call it 3 servings and then dish up 1/3 of the dish. I'm okay with that level of accuracy.