Protein powder

Looking for a good tasting and palatable protein powder. I'm sick of chalky texture. Vanilla preferred.


  • _John_
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    Optimum nutrition vanilla ice cream whey is my go to. Nice price, widely available.
  • nicsflyingcircus
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    _John_ wrote: »
    Optimum nutrition vanilla ice cream whey is my go to. Nice price, widely available.

    This is my favorite vanilla. It also mixes well with some of the clear wheys I have, like lemonade and orange
  • Jacq_qui
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    UK? US? Somewhere else?

    Also, IME, what you mix it with makes a huge difference. I mix with coconut milk which has a whole bunch of good stuff in it and a slight flavour, whereas product suggests water is ok!
  • 19shmoo69
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    I actually like the Walmart brand whey protein, chocolate.
  • zebasschick
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    syntrax sweets vanilla bean torte is my favorite vanilla protein powder. it's sweet like vanilla ice cream.
  • deadlymosquito
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    I love trutein. I am 225 5’10”. I have about 16-17% body fat so lean is important. I eat 250 grams per day so shakes make that convenient. That being said taste is very important. I never get tired of the taste. I consume about 4 pounds every eight days. I change flavors every eight days.
  • stankyou
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    Get yourself some unflavored and add natural flavoring that you like. I use isopure unflavored. Most flavored powders add tons of junk that 1) isn’t good for you; 2) adds chemical junk to lower the quality of what you’re buying. You’ll get better flavor, less chemicals.