Does anyone have any tips to get more movement in. I work ten hours a day as a teacher. And we sick most of the day. I come home and have my own 5 kids to care for. Not much time for exercise


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    Reading this, it sounds like you must get in some physical exercise! To respond to your question, I would suggest a 10 min walk before work, at school just before you leave, and then, after the kids are in bed. It all adds up.
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    Do you have a step tracker? You might be getting plenty of steps. While child care isn't a formal workout, it can add up to a lot of unintentional exercise.

    In that case, you just need to focus on strength training.
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    There's a thread here with ideas for increasing daily life movement, some of them without adding much extra time pressure:


    Maybe some of those would help you, though I'm sure not all would apply.
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    Can you include your kids in some purposefully play/exercise? Run, bike do bodyweight exercises, etc. with them? Park further away from the door at work and when running errands (even with the kids). As an extra bonus you'll minimize door dings on your vehicle. Good luck.
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    It seems like you're concerned you're not getting enough physical activity with you're employment or at home with the kids. I can relate. What are your average steps per day? Maybe, as others suggested, you are getting the movement but feel as though it's not enough. Just a few ideas...ankle weights for a little time during the day, set weights around the classroom have it act as your "talking stick" but rule is you, the teacher moves it from desk to desk of the speaker. Include the students in helping you reach a certain number of reps of a small weight. For example (I don't know a grade you work with) if over 10 of you can answer these 5 math problems correctly I'll lift the weight at the end of the day..x number of times. Make it more challenging each day or a different exercise.
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    I totally get the struggle! Try incorporating quick workouts during breaks, like a 5-minute stretch or a brisk walk. Also, check out https://www.usmagazine.com/celebrity-body/news/betterme-review-this-holistic-wellness-approach-can-change-your-life/ for holistic wellness tips that can be easily integrated into your busy routine
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    I also wonder…what are your potential support sources for getting time to yourself? For example, if you wanted to get to a workout class a couple of times a week or get out for a 15-minute walk? I ask this because I know as moms we often put our own needs last. I know I’m always wanting a break but then I hesitate to ask for help because I don’t think anyone will help or I don’t trust anyone else to care for my family. Not sure if it’s an option for you but I do find I get the most out of exercise when I can get away from work/family for a short while. Sometimes I just need that space to clear my mind and focus on a plan.
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    There are also stationary pedal machines you can put under your desk.

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    I feel the exact same!
    I work in a hospital 12.5 hour shifts
    I get in about 16-17000 steps a day!
    I haven’t got the energy to even think about exercising when I get home!
    And even on my days off but I do however do a little walk around the shops on my days off…I could be out for a few hours too!

    Keep going :) you will get there :) just keep tracking your calories :) xx
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    Exercise as you do your normal daily stuff. Squeeze your glutes at stop signs and red lights on the way to and from work. Do calf riases as you stand at the stove and cook. Let lifts as you lean on the sink. Grab each door frame as you walk through and push your body weight like a standing push up.. do it a few times. keep a set of ten pound weights in teh t.v. room and lift them as you watch t.v. with the kids.. do squats holding them during commericals. work it in.. in the time you normally just sit.. stand and walk from room to room...
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    Another vote for what @ddsb1111 said. You folks working 10-12hr/day jobs on your feet may not need more activity at all. Figure out your TDEE (several threads on how) and eat at the deficit for the appropriate rate of fat loss for your situation (other threads on that). Good luck and thank you for the important jobs you do!
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    Drink more coffee. Black coffee only. Tea if you prefer, but coffee works great. You WILL get more steps in. Not just from having more nervous energy. Then after noon or so, switch to water. You'll still get in more steps. And as long as you have to go, try to find the most distant relief you can, or at least go to different ones if that's an option.

    Take breaks. They say it's really good to stop for five minutes or so every hour. Get up and walk around the building. You'll even be more productive when you get back. This obviously is impossible in some jobs, but if you can manage it, do it.