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Have you lost weight more than once ?



    WORMBRO Posts: 5 Member
    I was 225 in 2021. I eventually dropped down to 202 by the end of 2022 but went up to 215 by the summer of 2023.

    I'm currently losing weight again. I was eating the same thing for all three meals during the first half of 2023. Not because of an eating disorder or anything, but because I am just a bit insane and became an EXTREMELY picky eater during that time. I also stopped working out since I felt discouraged that I wasn't losing weight that fast enough.

    I'm working out again and trying to eat normally, so no more being insane haha.
  • kristine3336
    kristine3336 Posts: 1 Member
    Yes. For me it's a mental issue. I cannot see myself any other way than fat. And, I think after I've lost the weight, I can miraculously go back to eating the way I was before and not gain anything. I'm a very all or nothing thinker and that doesn't help either. This time, I'm going to be gentle with myself and just keep shooting for eating on plan 85-90% so I don't give up or feel like a failure. Good luck to you - you can do it!
  • lois1231
    lois1231 Posts: 331 Member
    Of course. Story of my life. I have lost over 100 pounds got down to 150. Got up to 292 had gastric bypass got down to 220. Went back to my highest weight ever over the years to 314 pounds. Lost the weight back down to 220. Recently two years ago got up to 270 dieted back down to 225. Now I am around 250 and hopefully trending downward again. What I noticed though I am catching myself quicker before there is too much weight gain. I only gained 25 pounds this time instead of 50 or 70. Eventually I hope to catch myself if I gain 5 pounds
  • gmcurtis
    gmcurtis Posts: 24 Member
    Yes. Deliberately lost weight once and kept it off, (+5lbs but that's just maintenance to me). Lost it again after 2 pregnancies. I have since kept it off mostly because I really changed the way that I eat and I became active (I was mostly sedentary the first time around). Now, I'll go in a calorie deficit every now and then just to lose a little for aesthetic reasons.
  • Itadakimasu7
    Itadakimasu7 Posts: 313 Member
    I'm 5'6 and my weight has yo-yo'd most of my adult life with major episodes of loss usually tied to something happening in my life like divorce / deaths / illness. I'm going through menopause and have been stuck on my weight for a couple of years now and it doesn't want to budge.
  • cwolfman13
    cwolfman13 Posts: 41,865 Member
    edited January 11
    Yeah...I lost around 35-40 Lbs from fall 2012 through the late spring of 2013...pretty much maintained that up until 2020 save for seasonal fluctuations. 2020-2022 I put on about 20 Lbs (most of it during lockdowns) and have maintained that for 2023 and now actively working to cut it.
  • LieaCan
    LieaCan Posts: 6 Member
    I'm on about respawn number 4 now. Each time I gain a bit more weight and it gets a bit harder to lose the fat and harder to rebuild the muscle I gained.
    For my first attempt and on my third I worked with a trainer, so I should know what I'm doing by now, but this time around the scale isn't budging and I feel I no longer have the right to ask for help.
  • mkculs13
    mkculs13 Posts: 648 Member
    by 2021, I was down to 180 for the 3rd time in 2 decades. Each of the first 2 times, my rebound weight went higher each time. So the 3rd time, I had to lose 65 to get to 180--and caught myself just before hitting 30 lbs regained.

    So, yeah, this is "normal." It takes time to find out what works, what interferes, what one likes enough to return to as a staple of the new lifestyle, etc. I had a decades long bad habit of refusing to exercise if it couldn't be a 3 mile or more jog. So stupid. Even short walks are good for me! And they really help with the idea of sustainability.
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