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Weight loss

aracelimartinruiz8094 Posts: 1 Member
edited January 21 in Health and Weight Loss
I need to get motivation


  • musicfan68
    musicfan68 Posts: 1,140 Member
    No, you don't need motivation. Develop healthy habits and stick with them.
  • pauldurham5182
    pauldurham5182 Posts: 13 Member
    If you want motivation look at yourself first and do it for yourself and no one else. But look at what can motivate you to do it for yourself. Your kids, grandkids, your spouse or partner and imagine all the stuff you can do with them if you got your weight down. Me I look not only at my wife and son but also at the job I do now and where it’s heading as a career and getting to do what I love to do and that’s help people.
  • tomcustombuilder
    tomcustombuilder Posts: 1,916 Member
    Find a photo of yourself when you were in better shape and tape it to the refrigerator.
  • Sett2023
    Sett2023 Posts: 158 Member
  • yirara
    yirara Posts: 9,623 Member
    If you need other people to motivate you then it's possible you're not taking this serious. Motivation comes from the inside, not from other people. If your doctor tells you that you need to lose weight and you just shrug and thing: "yeah, could do" then this is likely not working. If you want to see your children or grandchildren grow old and be able to play with them that's a potential motivation. Or there's this big mountain behind your home and you see it every day and you want to get up just once and you start training for it: that's motivation.

    Also, weightloss doesn't need to be difficult. It's a bit of an art, but the best weightloss is the one you don't notice on your plate. If you have to fight every day, get sad if you look at some tiny food amount or eat something you don't like then you're likely to give up. Make it as easy for yourself as possible, and, what others have said, make it a routine rather than a chore.
  • Dreamroper
    Dreamroper Posts: 37 Member
    Put on some pants that used to fit you but are now uncomfortable as heck. Wear them all day and torture yourself. How my clothes fit is always a motivating factor for me. Be sure to sit down and put your shoes on and off a couple of times. Ugh.
  • emmamcgarity
    emmamcgarity Posts: 1,594 Member
    In my experience motivation comes after action. I recommend you log the last thing you ate in myfitnesspal now. Then keep logging, even when over calories. Every day. If you forget, log to the best of your memory. Just keep logging. Don’t beat yourself up when you go over calories. Logging is the main goal. Once you have good data from logging you will be able to look for small improvements to your diet.