I'm looking for a bicycle

I am a 5k runner first. But as I'm getting older and knees starting to be more sore. I want to get a bicycle to use simply for losing weight, cardio and overall health. A bike that can handle the road, gravel on the side, sidewalks and maybe even some dirt. I'd prefer not to spend over $1000 . Just a simple half hour bike ride. What type of bikes and brands are good? TIA


  • no1racefan2
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    I have a Liv hybrid bike. I absolutely love it. I use it exactly the way you have described--mostly in town on roads, bike paths, etc. but can handle some dirt and gravel. I used it to do a 20-mile gravel race last summer. It cost somewhere between $400-500 when I bought it a couple years ago.
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    It sounds like your goals are similar to mine, though I'm an aging on-water rower rather than a runner. One caution: Half an hour can start to slide into . . . longer, because biking is pretty fun. ;)

    I have a low-end model of a decent brand hybrid bike, but in chatting with folks from my local bike store, a gravel bike could also fill a similar flexible niche. These won't be as fast as a road bike, but can handle more conditions, and are IMO a bit more bulletproof (figuratively not literally, i.e., tires and such).

    One thing to consider is whether you could find a reasonable bike used, from someone who's upgrading. Also, around here, the local big university has periodic sales of bikes that have been abandoned on campus, then repaired if needed. The local bike co-op sometimes does a similar thing, or city police departments. If you have a friend who's a cyclist with some knowledge of bikes and bike mechanics, take them with you to a sale like that. There can be some good deals.
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    Bicycles are awesome. They are the most efficient method of transportation known to humans. Low impact exercise, and you can even go get groceries!

    I think @AnnPT77's idea of a gravel bike makes sense. My commuter bike is great, but it's got limitations. It has a belt drive, and I love it. I have an old road bike, and I'm thinking about adding a gravel bike.

    Make sure to get a bike that is a good fit. Find a good shop. We have a local shop that will say, "Buy that one; it seems to fit." They say that because it's in stock. We have another local bike shop that will take a bunch of measurements and put you on bikes and won't sell you one if it doesn't fit close to perfect. Your joy will be so much more if you have the right bike that fits whether it's a commuter bike, a road touring bike, a road racing bike, a mountain bike, a gravel bike, or even a hybrid.

    Now the part you don't want to hear. Find two or three bikes you really like and buy one. It will almost certainly be more than your budget. Buy it anyway if you want to love it. If you don't, you'll wish you did, and you might end up buying one anyway. I say, "Buy once, cry once." Also get a very good lock or two, and always lock it up if it's in public. Store it inside. Get a good helmet, and retire it after it is five years old max. Replace it if it takes a good hit even from just dropping it. Yes, you're going to pay $100 for a helmet. Your head is worth it.

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    When it comes to chosing a bike the first thing is that it needs to fit to you. Basically bike geometry needs to fit to your anatomy. Thus recommending you the bike I have will possibly not be useful as I have a short torso, long arms, and moderately long legs. Most people would be stretched out flat on my bike while I sit comfortably. Thus you need to get to shops and try bikes.

    Then, if possible try to find a bike without suspensions. They make the bike needlessly heavy and it's just another part that needs maintenance. Unless you do hefty downhill rides your arms and legs are great for suspension. Look for a good gearing system that will last a while and will shift gears smoothly even after a while. Tourney is shite! For your price range you should be able to get something much better.