Women 200lb+, Let's Stay Focused This February!!!



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    Last week was a bit of a loss for the gym. This week I'm pushing for it more. I did upper strength training yesterday. I just made a point of going and then coming back to get dinner.
    Must go to my house today but I can stop at the gym on the way back. Then the next day to go would be Thursday. My friend wants to walk on Sunday but don't know she saw the temps. High 30s. Maybe we'll bundle up but there better not be any usual long chit chat with those temps. Maybe I'll suggest mall walking as I have to get my ring inspected anyway.

    Overwhelmed with work as I was already overloaded to be given a new task late Friday and couldn't work on it over the weekend. One side is acknowledging the concern and yet some folks on the team ignore it. I have to push back next time.
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    Happy Valentine's Day! 💞

    My husband and I are planning to have some treats today: crepes for lunch and a fancy dinner where I'm planning to order a dish of Creole salmon with collard greens and grits plus a mini strawberry tart for dessert. I've roughly calculated it and today will be a maintenance day that I will definitely enjoy. 💖 Tomorrow will be right back on track.

    I hope you're all doing well and I wish everyone a lovely Valentine's day!
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    Happy Valentine's Day!

    I had my first Fitness Line Dancing class and it was really fun and everyone was lovely. I was the youngest person in the class and most of the ladies were in their 50's and 60's (and two of them brought their husbands) and at least one lady was in her 70's.

    A third of the people had attended previous classes, but everyone was very encouraging. I thought it would be all country songs, but there was a sixties pop song, some Sinatra, country, and a couple I couldn't place.

    I wasn't the worst in the class and that's all I cared about. Super fun and I'm looking forward to the next eight weeks!
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    42 years old
    SW (10/22) 230lbs
    Jan 1 Starting weight: 193.0
    CW 181.8
    March 1 goal weight 177
    UGW 150 at which point I'll reassess.
    2/1: 181.8 lbs
    2/8: 183.4 lbs (was 180.4, my lowest yet, yesterday) 🙄 Finishing up my cycle and hopefully next week will show better results. 😕
    2/15: 181.6 (Seem to be at a long plateau here at the 181.X)
    Been doing really well with calories but something needs to change. I keep saying that I need to add more movement... I need to carve out some time and then force myself to do it.... I have been hit or miss with it. Mostly miss. I do some sort of organized work out about once maybe twice a week. I'd like to increase that by adding a day (3 days) and increase the time... Longer than 10 minutes. I HATE organized workouts!!
    No tagging today, I am at work. I have read everything and I am super proud of you all!!! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! ♥
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    Tkd628702 wrote: »
    Currently the unhealthiest I’ve ever been.
    Employed & MBA student. UNT
    DFW Texas area.
    Eating disorders out of control:(
    Currently breastfeeding mom of 8month old, 3 kids total, 7, 2, 8months.
    Want to change!
    Struggle is real, just starting next week to make a change, need a support group.

    Thanks 💛

    Hello @Tkd628702,

    You are in THE THICK of some tough times. But just look at what you ARE doing--work, school, motherhood, breastfeeding; you sound like a badass!

    All I can suggest is making SMALL reasonable changes. We are here to support you. Do you listen to Podcasts? I would suggest Half Size Me, if you want to give it a listen. The host coaches many women through mindset shifts around disordered eating. I'm not sure what ED you experience, but I have definitely struggled with both binge and secret eating and I have found this podcast very helpful.

    Welcome!! Sending you lots of love on this step!
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    42 years old
    Re-Starting Weight (10/23) 208lbs
    February Starting Weight 185.5
    End of February Goal Weight: 180
    UGW 170 and I'll reassess.

    February Goals:
    * Remain in a calorie deficit everyday with 1 exception day (husband's birthday celebration).
    Who has two thumbs and forgot about the super bowl? Well--this was a maintenance day. Homemade deep dish pizza on the smoker. Reasonable portion and have no regrets.
    * Dry February (with same exception as above).
    * Check!!
    * Climb to the 25th floor at work 3 times daily.
    * Check!! However, my son got *pink eye* :s and I was home Monday and Tuesday
    * Exercise 3 times a week at minimum (running or strength, with at least 1 being strength).
    * 2 of 3--shoot.
    * Complete a 29 day plank challenge.
    * I missed another day. Not a stellar week for my goals...

    2/1: 185.5
    2/8: 184.1 this morning (I did hit 183.5 a couple days ago, but we know how that works )
    2/15: 181.9

    I got my replacement FitBit in the mail yesterday. I'm not sure why it seems to make such a big difference--but it does.

    I am going out of town this weekend. I am planning to take this vacation WITH my habits not a vacation FROM my habits. Wish me LUCK!
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    I forgot to weigh in this morning! I have had such a busy week. Things should start slowing down after this weekend. (I hope)
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    Starting weight:224

    Ultimate Goal Weight: 165

    2/7: 199.8
    2/16: 198.2 I went over calories a few days this week, so I am very happy to see this!
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    I'm Charissa
    63 years young
    [Stats & Goals]
    Starting Weight: 223.6 January
    Starting Weight: 215.0 February

    Goals for 2024 > Trend downwards. My ultimate goal weight is between 140 - 150. While I'd like to lose about 5lbs a month, I'm focusing instead on actions that could/should result in that loss.
    - Exercise - 6x a week
    - Water - working towards 80 to 100 ounces daily
    - Better Nutrition *Work in Process
    - Less Alcohol * Work in process. Continuing with "damp" February.
    - Get back to 10,000 steps a day (minimum)
    My Mantra:

    🏋🏾‍♀️ Don't think, just do it!!

    Tough week, reeling it in... Went off the deep end with Anniversary celebrations and Superbowl...But I managed.

    2/1: 215.0
    2/10: 217.0
    2/17: 215.2

    @Dia_R ~ Dog walks are powerful. My previous dog, however, was not good for this purpose. He needed to stop and smell all the roses, weeds and everything else....it was a challenge and definitely not aerobic!

    @NZMAMA0f5 ~ Keep doing it ...your husband may join on at a later time. I have the same challenge with mine. He has the app...but the concept of logging everything ..he fights. He needs to though..he's a diabetic and he need to understand how his food choices affects his blood sugar. All things in time!

    @Ceceflyy ~ That's why tracking is so Critical. When you fall off (and we all do ) you know why. Get back on track and congrats on the water!!

    @sharon81 ~ Take care..there is something going around and it takes about 30 days to rid itself...#beentheredonethat

    There's a few more post that I haven't read but I'm beat.
    Catch up tomorrow...Stay the course folks!
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    Name: Melissa
    38 years old, 5'8" woman

    My Numbers:
    SW: 263.4 lbs (Nov 1 2023)
    Feb GW: 226 lbs (-5 lbs)
    1st GW: 199 lbs
    2nd GW: 163 lbs
    Ultimate GW: 140 lbs

    Weigh-ins: Sundays
    Feb SW = 231.6
    2/4/24 = 231.4 (-0.2)
    2/11/24 = 229.6 (-1.8)
    2/18/24 = 228.2 (-1.4)
    2/25/24 =
    Total WL/G for the month= -3.4 lbs

    I had a big day of eating on Valentine's with restaurant meals for both lunch and dinner plus desserts and I felt super bloated for 2 days afterward. 🤢 It was fun celebrating with my husband but oof I didn't expect so much bloating. I'm a little disappointed because I was looking forward to some fancy restaurant meals and having a maintenance day. I guess on the bright side it seems like my body is really adapting to eating cleaner?? It felt good to get back to eating stuff at home.
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    This week was exactly as I thought it would be. Much slower progress. Still managed to lose a kg but the drop was much less than it was the first week.

    I’ve been slacking on my water a small bit. I have a daily goal of 2L but I’ve been under it more than a couple of days this week.

    Wasn’t in the mood to walk the dogs on Saturday but didn’t want to lose my fitness ring streak so tried a workout on YouTube. Claimed it was suitable for beginners… I should have looked up something suitable for middle aged with bad back instead. Too many lunges and squats and planks. Much too hard for my back and I’m still paying for it. So back to walking for me instead.

    SW: 115.4 kg (254.4 lbs)
    CW: 115.4 kg (254.4 lbs)
    FGW: 110 kg (242.2 lbs)
    UGW: 75 kg (165 lbs)

    4 Feb - 115.4 kg (254.4 lbs)
    11 Feb - 112.3 kg (247.6 lbs)
    18 Feb - 111.0 kg (244.7 lbs)
    25 Feb -
    3 Mar -
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    Weekly Check In • 2/19

    SW: 237
    LW: 234.6
    CW: 234.8
    GW: 165

    One thing I want to improve from last week:

    Working out. I miss them, I think about them all the time. I just can’t get my butt up.

    One thing I enjoyed from last week:

    My delusions lol (jk)


    💕 Not as bloated this morning


    I honestly didn’t hop back into routine until yesterday. I’m happy with todays weigh in considering I managed to get back up to 237 in the middle of last week. Shark week is coming up at the end of this week but I’m going to push through that real hard because I need to get out of the 230s.

    I honestly feel like 💩 physically and mentally. I know it’s because of all of the junk I’ve been eating.

    I really want to finish out February strong!
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    @RavenStCloud I hear you so Loud and Clear! My most recent negative thought that I keep trying to shake is, "how have I lost 50lbs and still be this fat?" It's a journey for sure and it's not always, almost rarely ever, glamorous! It's hard work physically but even harder work mentally. (((HUGS))) I see you! I hear you! and I FEEL you! 💜
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  • kiteflyer105
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    edited February 21
    Hi all. January was a good month as far as not binge eating. No bingeing for 30 out of 31 days. I had my ICD implanted. Surgery went well, and so did the 4 week machine check. Relief. It is a 6 week recovery time. The ICD battery lasts 7-10 years, then I will have to another surgery to change the battery. =) Unfortunately, truthfully, I did gain weight eating in moderation. I was trying mindful eating. I have gained 19 pounds back. Bummer. Reality check. I had a situationship end, which threw me into a tailspin. I don't regret it, and I am taking away the positive from it. Onward and upward.

    I deal with fatigue daily. Some days I have more energy than others. I have a dull pain in my chest that never leaves. The ICD weighs 1/2 an ounce, but it still feels strange, and heavy. I found out that this feeling will never go away. I am not thrilled about that, yet I get to stay alive! Woo Hoo! Not everyone with Heart Failure is so lucky.

    So far in February, I walked up to 2.7 miles in one exercise session, and exercised 5x a week for 1 week. This was a Big Thrill! I did this after the heart surgery. I was in shock and wonderment. I had to get to the other side of the park. This is the most I've moved due to Health issues in over a year. That was exhilarating! I am proud of myself. Realistically, I found exercising every other day is more sustainable, due to my hip bursitis. I really miss walking 5 miles a day! Probably next year I will hit that goal. I use stickers in my calendar too, to reward myself.

    I received my A1C results. It went up .6 due to my bingeing in December. I have binged in February for a variety of reasons. Mainly, I am still trying to create a new normal with this lifestyle change. I report to my Home Health nurse that I see 2x a week. We have the accountability with each other.

    Next week, I find out when I get into the Eating Disorders Clinic. Woo Hoo. Oddly enough, I am super excited. I am sick of the maze (hamster wheel) and need to get off of it. It will be a relief.

    Honestly, I was sick of punching life back. I was weak and tired. I temporarily regressed. Now, that I have been through the worst, ready to pick myself back up and carry on. I am seeing a therapist, so I don't lose my mind. I created a vision board. I have a weight loss journal I bought off of Etsy. I bought a habits tracking journal chart off of Amazon. Then I have my stickers. With this, I will kick it back into 5th gear. My goal is to wear a red dress for Heart month in February 2026. I have a pic of the dress that reminds me visualize.

    I am thrilled for a lot of the ladies here. Wonderful job!

    For those of us that did not hit our goals, don't give up. You are worth doing the hard work for!

    At the end of the day, I know my actions will produce a crop. Hopefully, a bountiful harvest. Or years from now, I will be in the desert for not taking daily action. I really don't want to face those negative consequences. Uggg. Time to pick it back up!

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    These last couple weeks I have been exhausted mentally and physically. I have been on the go so much, I have not made time for walks. I know I will not hit my goal for this month. But if I hit half way I will be happy.
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    Whew, this month has been a mixed bag for me. Weight loss has predictably slowed down at this point since I've been at it for almost 4 months but ngl I was hoping that after losing 30 lbs and eating very clean I'd have a bit more energy.

    I know it's probably 90% to do with mental health. I started EMDR therapy a while back and I won't lie, it's kicking my butt. We're dealing with stuff all the way from early childhood, more stuff from my 20s, plus recent stuff. It's so exhausting and I didn't fully expect that.

    I haven't been able to meet any of my exercise goals but I'm trying to be gentle and kind with myself as much as I can. I'm trying to look at the positives: I've been cooking more than ever and I have a huge backlog of healthy recipes to try. It's become somewhat of a hobby to hunt for recipes and plan meals.