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    Did Cathe Slow and Heavy DVD (one part) then walked to Food Lion to get potatoes that were on sale for Vince and his bananas. Then we started on the pool. It’s getting there, just need to give it more time. Making yogurt right now

    Lanette – the prednisone was 6 one day, 6 the next, then 4 one day, 4 the next, then 2 one day, then 2 the next but the pharmacy miscounted the pills (or I screwed up) and didn’t give me enough for the last day. But I think I’m OK. I still have a little pain, but nothing at all like before. So it has helped and it probably will continue to help for the next few days. Maybe that did contribute to the depression. That and the fact that it rained for 2 days so I couldn’t even take my walk.

    KJ – thanks for telling me to pass on the backpack. You’re right, every kid knows what they want. Never thought of a gift card. I’m trying to remember what my kids (back in the stone age...lol) needed for the first day of kindergarten. Oh, yes, it can be pricey to visit grandchildren. We don’t have to fly, but the last time we went up there for a few days it cost us over $800. Between food, hotel, someone to watch the cat(s) and give the medication. But SOOO worth it The thing is, this time we will need to go back up there the following week since that’s when Steve is having his picnic. But when we worked it out, it’s cheaper to drive home than to have to stay up there for the week and to top it off it’s Memorial Day weekend! At least we’ll be home for the weekend.

    Oh, remember my girlfriend in Switzerland who has the tumor? Well, she’s starting chemo this week. Guess the radiation helped. Since (thank god) I don’t have any personal experience to call upon, what’s something nice to send to someone going thru chemo. Remember, she’s in Switzerland so it’s not like I can just pop in and help her with housework, etc.

    We had some of the red ants so I googled how to get rid of them. One of the suggestions was white vinegar. So I put some where they were. They did scurry a bit, but I guess the next time I cut the grass and disturb that area, I’ll know if the vinegar worked.

    Rita – I really don’t like the weather when you need pants in the morning, shorts in the afternoon, then the pants again in the evening. But as long as it isn’t raining, I’m OK. Even tho I don’t like changing clothing all the time

    Debbie – so THAT’S what dragon fruit looks like. I’ve only had it cut up

    Michele NC
    who so far has 14,000 steps for the day


    I am sure mine will never get that big-that is an old plant-.
    Actually, looking at it closer- that is at least four plants that they planted around a large pole and it grows up the pole.
    A few neighbors around here have them growing up an old dead tree stump/tree.

    For Micelle, the pink things are the actual fruit. Can you buy the fruit in Florida?

    We can get it if we go to Queensland.

    M in Oz

    We can buy it in Oregon, although I haven't. I am tempted to try to grow it. It would have to be in a pot and brought in during the winter, but it is very beautiful. What a deal you got, Debbie.

    Willamette Valley OR
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    John 's journey home from football last night was terrible,. The main road along the coast is closed at weekends, because they are repairing a bridge. This is 4 lanes of v busy traffic, and everyone has to go the back roads. Saturday had a 4 mile jam. He didn't go then. Yesterday he took an hour to to go 4 miles.
    He was delighted to eat my beef stew after all that.
    In the afternoon it got a bit cold for sitting about, watching. His friend always stays at the hotel in the grounds for the whole 4 days, renting the best balcony room with a view of the ground. His wife stays with him and often visits her sister. So she went to the nearby M&S and bought scones and jam and clotted cream, and served tea in their room! :D
    He will be going again next Friday, but the bridge will be open then. But if he goes Sunday, he will go the countryside route we used to take to visit here. County cricket is over 4 days, and he used to go to all four, but, at over 78, he finds it tiring, especially if there are delays.
    Today it is blowing a gale out there, so he wouldn't have gone today, anyway.

    I've put the yoghurt on to breed. Now for my exercises.

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxxx
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    oday’s gratitude: functioning appliances, especially the range.
    Belated welcome @BlakelyFaye and well done on the daily journal!
    Belated welcome @Candylicious2961 and con VERY gratualtions on the new mind set, little steps and taking off more than twenty pounds!
    Beth yours and Flea’s to Annie. Prayers for your mom and your family.
    Lanette what you said about drivers is true here too. Guy in a Jeep on Carpenterville road waiting to turn left onto 101, pulled out right in front of oncoming traffic. Fortunately the car in front of me was able to stop before he got T-boned, and I was going slowly enough to stop without rear ending it. Smh.
    Debbie I am soooo jealous of your aqua Zumba. Took it when we lived in Idaho and loved it. None here. :cry:
    Through pg 29, time to snooze.

    Later, lighter, lovelies!
    Barbara, the Southern Oregon Coastie AHMOD x8zcp1ya37k1.gif
    April: Move more than yesterday, fuel better than yesterday, live NOW.
    Open heart and mind before mouth.
    2024: Strengthen: body, mind, heart-connections.

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    Dragon fruit found at a market along with several other interesting things in Hong Kong. :)

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    Annie We are all individuals with different bodies and goals. Please don't compare yourself to others! By establishing better habits you will get where you want to be in a much healthier way!

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    Good morning ladies!

    Tracey my Dad doesn't have a doctor who knows him well enough to revoke his driver's license. His primary care doctor quit, and they are using temps.

    Welcome Karen in BC!

    Rusty sorry you have challenges with your Dad.

    My dad convinced me to see Camelot yesterday at a small community theater. Great fun. The singing was excellent.

    So today is a quiet day. I might work on Dad's beneficiaries. It would be best to use the trust, but I'm not sure how to do that, and some accounts don't allow it. I really do trust my sister anyway. She is the executor and the trustee.

    I'm a little discouraged with my diet. My friend lost 14 pounds with an injection medicine. I'm trying not to compare us, but failing. It's going to take me months to lose that much.

    Have a great day ladies! May you be happy, healthy, safe and free!

    Annie in Delaware

    Don't even consider that injection medicine that starts with an O! The side effects are awful so people have said. It makes you feel full by numbing your digestive track I've heard. We love you, don't ever be swayed!
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    Rita - beautiful photos of the park where you're staying. That water looks very inviting - sounds like summer is kicking off early. Yikes! These days I complain if it hits 70. Hope you are feeling better these days now that you've gotten meds readjusted. Wow that park ranger took a LONG 30 minutes. Hope your visit to the dentist gets that tooth fixed and at no cost.

    A new look at carbohydrates - Remember when carbs were classified as "simple" (things like white sugar) or "complex" (maybe starchy vegetables or fruits that had fiber)? Dr. Jason Fung gives a different perspective on carbs in this video, and an in-depth look at resistant starches. Maybe some of the carbs we thought were bad weren't so bad after all... Interesting info for those of us trying to lower carb intake in our diets. 13 minutes.

    Goal is to plant onions today - they are going into containers. Really did well last year growing them like that, most of them reached "boiler onion" size which is perfect for me. I planted yellow and red "storage" onions last year, and still have a supply in the garage that are in good shape. Onions and Tomatoes in buckets or containers will be the extend of my small garden this year.

    Make it a wonderful week! <3

    Lanette B)
    SW WA State
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    MFP Weekly Check-in April 15, 2024

    Debbie in Napa Valley, CA 153.4 this morning- Up a pound from last week(after going down 2 pounds) Tracked all week and did extra steps. Will keep it up and hopefully it will be down next week. I won't be home next weekend to check in- weekend at mom's to finally get her greenhouse planted.

    Kylia in Ohio - Another crazy week and scale not happy. The only thing that sounds good is sugar! Up .5 pound. Just a wake up call. I've got this as I have an awesome support system here! Have a good choice week! <3

    Rita in Roswell, NM - Up from last week. This has been a bad year so far. Gained over 11 pounds so far. I really need to get a handle on this. I’ve done it before, I can do it again!!

    Evie on Vancouver Island BC - Not a good weigh in this morning, but I expected as much. I’d been craving Chinese food for a few weeks so, as we were out later in the day anyway, I suggested we stop at one of the local grocery stores that has a Chinese kitchen. It was really good and definitely soothed the cravings, but I’m up 1.4 lbs from last week. Oh well, back on the wagon today!

    Lanette in SW WA State – Celebrating weight staying stable at lower end of my desired range. Signed up for Pre-Diabetes classes thru Medicare at a regional hospital (Zoom) starting in May.