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    Annie - Another thought on the battery operated mower if you are considering that route.
    My DH had many tools and chargers for the Ryobi brand like Lisa is using (no mower.) When I went to use his Ryobi string trimmer, I discovered my hands weren't big and strong enough to release the battery from the tool. They may have changed it, but his required a firm squeeze on both sides to depress the clips securing the battery. I couldn't manage that.

    So I went shopping and found the Stihl was not a problem and favorite of "old ladies" according to the dealer, lol. I now have three batteries and three chargers for the string trimmer, leaf blower, and mower. (Each tool came with a charger.) I get around 20 minutes from the smaller batteries and if I want to go longer I pop out the battery, stick it in a charger, and put a charged one in and keep going.

    By the way, Rita and Rebecca had a good point. I knew an old fella who had his license pulled so he decided to drive his lawnmower to town one day (on a state highway, lol.)

    A local lawn service/mower would make things a lot easier. ;) Unless you want to take over and get the exercise. That's why I didn't get a self-propelled mower. Pushing mine around is a workout but I don't mind. Might change my mind in a year or two.

    Great job on the bike and walking, you are back in the groove. :p

    Lisa - I know you'll have a great time with your friend. Best visitors we ever had was DH's cousin and wife. DH gave them his car keys (he was retired by then) and they spent a day at Mt. St. Helens then another day at the coast. I really enjoyed hearing them reminisce and tell funny stories about relatives and people they knew in common. I know it did my DH a world of good. We were sorry to see them leave.

    Rebecca - sorry to hear about the toe! Ouch! Makes my once-broken toe ache just reading about it. Glad your kitchen will be put back together. Cabinets are a good sign. ;)

    Lanette B)
    SW WA State
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    Painful night. :# Still not much better, but it's easier to distract myself in the daytime.
    I've prepared roasted cauliflower and sauce vierge for when John gets back. Having it with Lincolnshire sausages.
    While John was out, I made a quick card for him, for our meeting anniversary next Monday. 21 years!!!! Same day as Max's birthday. He's taken the card he painted for him over there. On Monday, a Bank Holiday, we are having lunch at a famous local gastropub with John's younger daughter.
    I've got a few presents for our morning opening session. Ordered them this morning. :D

    My brother is coming to us tomorrow after lunch for a couple of hours. I hope he will say hello to my old school friends at my Zoom at 4 pm. We all used to be in the same Drama Club and he had a crush on them! Then he and his wife will go off to see DSIL'S niece. May pop in later to say goodbye. I expect they will leave their car in our drive and get the bus into town.
    I've chosen one of my painted cards for him.

    Lisa - hope the cc cream is just as good for you as it is for me. My new hypoallergenic mascara isn't perfect, but much better than my old one. My eyes aren't streaming by the evening.

    Rita - What fun the story was! I can feel it energised you. Looking forward to the next one.

    Rusty - Waiting for an unknown date is really hard. He is so lucky to have you 💖

    Love Heather UK xxxxxx
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    Yoga's done, added a few new moves (in green) and moved a few around. Added a number of repetitions and time ticks to quite a few moves. Total 38 minutes, 220 calories. Happy with that.

    Another half hour, the oven will finally be in cool down mode and I'll be able to stay in the kitchen for more than a few moments at a time! Wanted to get the cleaning done now, as once the weather gets hot, it's just not an option to use the Self Clean, it heats up the whole house!

    Got a couple more things to take care of on my list for today, and now that my yoga's complete, I will do whatever my energy will allow, pretty much. Beautiful day, warmest so far this year, supposed to get up to 86 (30C). Already beginning to get muggy. Hanging sheets on the line is the next chore, and after that, getting some old paint smears off the floor from the laundry room and pantry painting and my refrigerator mural... such fun! :blush:

    Later, babies,
    Lisa in AR
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    kevrit wrote: »
    I am so sorry I didn’t give you a character Barbie!! I tried to get everyone. You could have been Fiona or Gothel. Please forgive me. I’m thinking about one for May. I’ll make you the main character!


    :)Rita, I was serious. It was my intention to be an invisible observer. I liked that role. I don't want to be part of the action and certainly not the main character.

    <3 Barbie

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    Hello, Friends,
    83F in Jacksonville, FL

    Busy weekend with the grandson's. Jake put new LVP in Tim's room, so all of Tim's stuff stored around the house with the boys running around was a bit chaotic, but we made some cookies, went for a few walks, and made the best of it.

    The fluffballs and their parents have moved on for now. Makes sense since the pond where the nest was is fenced in. If Mama Goose had waited too long to move the family, the kids wouldn't have been about to get out of the fence until they could fly. Hopefully, they will all venture back soon.

    My daughter, Stevany, stabbed herself at the base of the thumb trying to clean hair out of her vacuum. She is a combat medic with the National Guard, so she cleaned up the wound, stopped the bleeding, and glued it shut. She was having a lot of pain, so she went to one urgent care who told her to go an ER because they couldn't x-ray it. (I think the tech was out, but Stevany wasn't clear on the reason). She went to another who said it needed a CT, which she would have to go to an ER for. I was a bit livid at this point. Urgent care is to keep people OUT of the ER. Patch 'em up, refer them to a primary or specialist if needed. Here they were pushing her to go to the ER.

    She was frustrated so, I met up with her and took her to a freestanding ER. They did do an x-ray, which looked good. Gave her pain meds, antibiotics, and the doc even told her how to take a vacuum apart. :D Even if the first urgent care didn't have access to their x-ray machine (I know they have one), the other one should have been able to treat her. I got her and Jack lunch, we picked up her meds, and got her settled at home. Checked on her last night and she was feeling pretty good after pain meds. This morning she is almost pain-free and the hand is much less swollen.

    Rita- thanks for wrapping up that story. That was fun! If we do it again, is there away to do it separate from the main thread? I don't get to check in every day and it was hard to catch up sometimes. Either that or I need to figure out if these groups are searchable somehow.

    Make it a great day,

    Jacksonville, FL

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    :)Annie As you figure out what to do about your dad and mowing the lawn, it might be important to find out whether he is motivated by wanting a tidy lawn or does he actually enjoy mowing
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    Stats for the day-

    Walk w/family- 2hrs 11min 7sec, 76elev, 2.94ap, 80ahr, 101mhr, 6.52mi= 612c
    Strava app = 799c
    Walk home to gym- 12.03min, .52mi= 56c
    Strava app = 65c
    Elliptical machine- 31min, 6&7incline, 6&7resistance, 117ahr, 148mhr, 2.45mi= 262c
    Walk gym to home- 11.41min, .53mi= 52c
    Strava app = 66c

    Total cal 982

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    Linda-random thought on urgent care-they may not have had the correct staffing. More medical facilities are running into that. Hope she heal quickly!
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    Just a quick pop in today.

    🤗🤗🤗 and 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 for those who need them.

    🙋‍♀️ Miele failte to the newbies.

    ☘️ Terri

    Pg 51
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    Evening ladies
    Watching Julie/ Julia .. cute movie..
    Stopped and saw Tracy and Miles this afternoon ,Tracy looks good but is just a wreck until things get worked out..
    Miles is a crazy 2 yr old full of pep,and poor Tracy is trying to keep up.
    Off to watch the rest of movie.. and then go to sleep..
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    Worked then aerated the areas where we put down the top soil. Then put down grass seed (Vince did that) and I put down most of the straw on a slope by the house. Tomorrow we’re going to do more. I would think that we’d get most of it done.

    Went to the ceramics birthday party. I’m suggesting to Vince that we should have the July ceramics birthdays at our house with the pool.

    Mentioned to Vince that we should go to Denise’s in August before PJ starts school. He wasn’t real receptive saying that when we get cats we should be home. I mentioned that it’s not like we’ll be gone for a week, 2 days at most. And, really, I don’t want any cat to get dependent on us always being here. Loki was that way somewhat. Guess time will tell.

    Stopped at Lowe’s Hardware after ceramics to get more grass seed and straw just so that we have it when we need it. I tell you, in a way it’s good that I can’t park my car in the garage. That’s getting to be more and more of a storage area, at least for right now.

    The plan for tomorrow is to do a Stretching for Seniors DVD then take the water aerobics class. Then come home and probably start working some more on putting down the seed and straw.

    My neighbor gave me two of her pool lounge chairs. Really, it’s not something I would have bought, but at the price (free) I couldn’t pass it up. The one anti-gravity chair broke. I hate them anyway, I am looking for a lawn chair that you can leave out all winter that doesn’t have arms. Oh well, I’ll just keep looking. I don’t want it in black or dark brown, I want it white or beige. They have these nice ones at the condo, but I found that each lounge costs something like $500 and another $100 to have one chair shipped to NC and I would want two chairs. That’s over $1,000 so I’ll just keep looking.

    Rusty – when Vince had his colostomy, he couldn’t wait for it to be reversed. I’m sure your son feels the same way. The end of the year will be here before he knows it. But I know it seems like forever

    Vicki – so sorry about your friend. Hope she isn’t in any pain

    Linda – so glad your daughter is getting better. What a relief

    Off to take a shower then get to bed.

    Michele NC
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    Vicki - Thinking of you and your friend. <3

    Love Heather UK xxxxxx
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