55 days out of the hospital

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I left 55 days ago, newly diagnosed as diabetic with prescriptions for a lot of insulin
in short time, i realized, this is a whole new life
they had me shooting up 4-5 times a day
they had classes, support groups....and oh so many ways for me to spend money
their American Diabetes Association trained nutritional experts were more than willing to help me match heavy carb intake with the appropriate amount of insulin

it didn't take long for me to realize...this is a trap

as of a week ago, i'm completely off all of the insulin, they tried to get me to use a weekly (Mounjaro?)....they said it was the new miracle drug for folks just like me....i felt so awful on it, i'll never try that or another like it ever again

i exercise, I limit carbs, i'm losing weight....there aren't any drugs that can help me better than that...my doctor's words "your numbers are phenomenal"

i'm not done, but along the way, these drugs needed to go....now I'm just getting started


  • caffeinebuzz10
    caffeinebuzz10 Posts: 40 Member
    I was on insulin with gestational diabetes years ago. Diagnosed with diabetes 2 years ago, my diabetes educator recommended no more than 30 - 45 carbs per meal. I hired a registered dietician and turned my western diet around 180 degrees. Max of 30 carbs at dinner, usually 15 - 20 at breakfast and lunch, and none of them are refined grains. Lots of fruit and veggies and nonfat yogurt. I'm with you... let's stay off the medication!!

    i've always enjoyed yogurt....so it isn't a sacrifice for me

    i don't limit dairy, but it's such an easy way to get fat and protein that if i'm not careful, i'll start mooing after a while....i love cheese, yogurt, sour cream, heavy whipping cream..., but also recognize, I'm trying to create a calorie deficit as well and lose some weight, I need a variety of good stuff like that to make sure i lose, but im not malnourished
  • zaxaz
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    I too was diagnosed with diabetes when I was in hospital after my heart attack. I was so shocked, and even more shocked when I was given so many Rx (agreed that some were because of the angioplasty and stents). But the Rx they gave me for diabetes was Metformin and I had most of the "rare" side effects like loss of appetite, feeling cold all the time, diarrhea (actually, super bad diarrhea!!). Even though I changed the dosage on my own from 2 pills a day to 1, I needed up in hospital again because I was dehydrated and collapsed at home. I definitely want to get off the pills too!!! I only rarely eat anything carby (like rice, potato, bread, pasta). My favourite meal is a big bowl of spinach, with a couple of tablespoons of hummus or cottage cheese (so it is not so dry) with some chopped up chicken. The spinach is good for me since I have anemia and low RBC, but spinach is good for everybody because it is high in iron.

    Be well!!!
  • Dianedoessmiles1
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    I weighed in 2010 at 288 lbs also was diagnosed as type 2. That SHOCKED Me so badly!! I knew I had gotten big. I hadn't realistically looked at how big though. I had an infection wouldn't clear up, they did a test and yup it was over 7! My Dr was one of the RARE Dr's though she looked at me and said "If you lose weight, I will not put you on a diabetic medication. Come back in X (I think it was 2 or 3 weeks?) from now and if you have started to lose weight we'll have you come back on a regular basis (every 2 weeks it turned out to be) to have you weigh in." I GOT right to that!! I imediately started to count calories. That was really the limit of my knowledge.

    I got down to 256 and could not seem to go lower!! I joined a weight loss site (now closed - Sparkpeople) met a great bunch of people!! Such a large support system!!! I DID LOSE!! Now? I am 178!! GONE 110 lbs!! An entire person. I am still tested on a regular basis, because my body continues to be damaged by how long I went undiagnosed. BUT! BUT!! My life has greatly improved!! I did not go on any diet, I did make some modifications of the amounts of foods I eat. I do still eat a very limited amount of sweets, they no longer have a hold over me!

    I have mentioned @caffeinebuzz10 I found a very supportive team. We are open for members to join us on the 2024 Spring 5% Challenge. On the 5% Challenge we divide the team into 8 smaller teams so our members have real support and get to cheer each other on. We work on healthy habits (2 a week AKA LTGL0Living The Good Life) as well as exercise to help our team move foward. Some teams are competive others are not (if they are its in the description we know some LOVE to compete, others not so much hence the variety). We weigh in once a week.

    If you or anyone is interested here's the link below:

    Remember to be a part of a group you'll need to hit the BLUE JOIN button first
    Than read the 💡💡Start Here - You Must Choose a Team💡💡 and be SURE TO SELECT A TEAM by posting on the team of your choice (ONE TEAM please only pick).


  • ByeByeToDiabetes
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    I am so happy I found this post. I got diagnosed with type 2 diabetes last week and my doctor offered to put me on Ozempic the new wonder drug, or another diabetes medication (for the moment without insulin).

    I almost screamed "NO." I don't want to be on medication for diabetes and I don't want to be on a wonder drug that will perhaps make me lose weight but wouldn't cure my problem. I don't care what so-called celebrities do and I don't care if other obese people use this for an easy way out. We all do what works for us.

    I don't need the easy way out. I need to change my ways and no medication in the world can do that for me.

    I have ONLY type 2 diabetes. I am 59 and weighed 348 lbs last week. (Today in the morning down to 344 lbs).

    I found Eric Adams (Mayor of New York) audiobook. He, like me (us?) decided to fight diabetes with food. He went plant-based and succeeded. I know little about him or his vegan lifestyle. I am open-minded. I am reading up on it right now.

    I have now a glucose reader and with a drop of blood I check my blood sugar 3-4 times a day. That's such a dramatic change in my life. I can see now that what I eat has an impact. It's not just in and out anymore.

    I am powerful! I am superwoman (isn't every mother/wife?)

    The 5 seconds it takes the reader to give me the result, is like watching a thriller on TV. "What will it say".
    For the first time in my life I realize that I am in control. My body, my glucose, my weight, it's up to me.

    I am highly motivated and have now a different outlook. I am not willing to accept my diagnosis, I am going to fight it. I have 90 days to hit the breaks hard!

    Glucose in the morning was already down 100+. The power of eating healthy :-)

  • ByeByeToDiabetes
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    well, after nixing the drugs and trying actual lifestyle changes with no drugs, my a1c is 5.3

    i donated my insulin yesterday, that felt pretty good

    well, after nixing the drugs and trying actual lifestyle changes with no drugs, my a1c is 5.3

    i donated my insulin yesterday, that felt pretty good

    This is fantastic news. Well done, Sir!
  • MargaretYakoda
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    Well done!
  • themommie
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    Thank you to everyone for sharing your experiences. I don’t have diabetes but fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. My drs kept increasing and changing meds, at one time I was on 6 different meds including the fentanyl patch, then they told me they would prescribe it anymore. I went on my own health journey and am now only on Percocet low dose just as needed. Getting as healthy as we can and getting off as many meds as we can feels so good. Here’s to getting healthy
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