any others need to or have lost 100+ lbs????

It has only been three weeks. I THINK I am doing ok. Just wondering if others have times they seem like the end of the tunnel is SOOOO far away and wonder if/when time will be to celebrate a big success? Maybe I am just too hard on myself or still affected by all the negativity from the past.


  • DrMan
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    Lost 106 need to lose another is totally doable if your mental game is on track...good luck
  • It seems that way in the beginning but as you keep on going, it almost feels like time is escaping you. As long as you continue to progress, you're going to see amazing results. Make sure that your body isn't strong but that your mind is as well. It is a long journey, but it's that way for everyone. This is a lifetime commitment.
  • BrentGetsFit
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    It can be done just be patient and consistent.
  • classyhoney
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    I need to lose that much to be at my ultimate goal weight and I completely understand where you are coming from. I always tell myself, it took a long time to get where I am now and it's going to take a long time to get to where I want to be. It won't happen overnight. It makes sense biologically that if you burn more calories than you consume you will lose weight. It will happen and hang in there.

    I was thinking the same thing yesterday and even though I've lost weight it seems like I have a long way to go. But we will get there.
  • I try to focus on how much better I feel now and not on how much I have to lose. I don't really have a final goal weight in mind yet. My first major goal is to get under 200 albs and it is in sight.
  • SuzMac1981
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    It takes HARD WORK and PERSEVERANCE!!! I just saw the magic 100 number lost this morning!!!! I still have 112-162 more to go.... I started off VERY VERY VERY morbidly obese. I have a food addiction. I was lazy.

    You are not alone in this!!!!
  • karo224
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    i have been on this wonderful site since january and i thought the journey was going to be a no win situation but day by day it has been a wondeful and insiteful trip. i still have 100lbs to go but the goal is actually one i know i will acheive. hang in there and surround yourself with very supportive people. it is very hard i will not lie but if you truely want will have it. i wish you the very best on your journey!
  • bigvi76
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    I need to lose about 50 lbs more. I've lost about 70 so far and it took less than a year but now the last 50 just wants to stick around. I've only managed to lose about 5 lbs in the last six months. I want the weight to hurry up but I know I'll get there eventually. I wish you luck on losing the weight, we all know it's not easy so just keep picking away at it:)
  • Make small goals and revel in those pretty-quick successes. Seeing the declining numbers--both on the scale and in my clothing sizes--works for me. Some folks, however, like to reward themselves with treats, gifts, prizes for specific successes along the way. Do whatever keeps you motivated--and be sure to read the success stories on MFP. You will read some amazing stories!
  • tmorse7
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    I've lost 80 pounds total, 25 since discovering MFP. I have another 70 or so to go. I've never been at a "normal" weight, so I don't know exactly what my final goal weight is, I figure as I get closer I can make a better decision. Just know that you are heading toward your goal and don't give up. I have had many plateaus along the way but I feel so much stronger now! Feel free to add me to your friend list! It's always good to have other people who are on the same journey! Also, the journey is so much more than the goal!

  • Helenatrandom
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    Sweetie, if I lost half of my body weight, I'd still be fat. All the more reason why I have to lose weight, whether there is an end is sight, or not. If I think about how many pounds I need to lose to be "normal", I'll get discouraged, too. Right now, success would look like being able to balance myself going down the stairs without the use of a rail. But today I walked around Botanical Gardens with my husband, and came home in good enough shape to cook a healthy dinner! :smile: I'm going to celebrate every last bit of progress I find! :wink:
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    It's a journey, for sure... It is so easy to get side tracked and get back into what AA calls "stinkin' thinkin'". For example, I lost 76 pounds, then gained back 20... I knew I needed to go back to my nutritionist, but kept thinking, "When I lose this 20, then I will go back..." I soon realized the absurdity of this line of thought, and made an appointment. Since March, I have lost 36 pounds and have only 8 to go for the 100 pound mark (which I hope to hit by the end of Oct.). My next goal is to be under 200 by 1/1/2012.
    Good luck on your journey! You will make it!
  • Shrinking_Xtina
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    I want to lose over 100 lbs and have lost 55 lbs so far, 5'3 here, feel free to add me!
  • oswaldbowser
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    Yep I need to lose over 100lbs...........I have started only a month ago, eating healthy low cab diet and stopped smoking, I go to the gym 5-6 times a week.....i use the treadmill to walk on, I raise the incline and lower it to get my heart rate raised and lowered.

    I find that by drinking Isolate whey protein shakes (with no sugar and very very low carbs in) that I have energy to complete my exercises......first few days I could only walk for about 15 mins....only one month on I am doing 60 mins and the weight is dropping off.

    As one member on this site said to me its not a sprint but a marathon...........dont take it as a diet but as a healthy eating your carb intake and drink plenty of water.....

    The best investment I have purchased is a pair of Asics Gel more blisters from walking on the treadmill !
  • PennyNickel14
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    Just Keep pushing. Losing 100 or more is so doable! We just have to keep at it. The continued commitment is what gets us there. There are all sorts of emotions and roadblocks on this journey.
  • laneybird
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    I, too, am too hard on myself. Even now when people notice my loss my answer is "Thanks. I have got such a long way to go, I'm not even halfway there yet." I aggravate myself because I know I have done well and lost a lot of weight in less than 5 months. So, I think its perfectly normal. You CAN do this. Don't give up! You may add me as a friend if you wish!
  • K1Teacher
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    It can definitely be done and YOU can definitely do it! Stay focused on your goal and determined to meet it and you will see great results very quickly. Make TODAY count and don't worry about tomorrow!! Lots of luck to you!!
  • karenf289
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    I need to lose between 90-120 lbs, my weight has yoyo'd often, main gain was after having my kids and not making the necessary changes in my diet. I have lost just under 20 so far and know this will be a struggle, but I am determined this time. There are many in similar circumstances. The key is gradual loss, so good luck and I hope you reach your targets :happy:
  • bjshooter
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    Not 100lb, but 70lb no matter what the number it always seems so far away and so daunting. I have 15lb to go, mentally I feel no closer than I did 50lb ago. You should try breaking down your weightloss into smaller goals and the closer to goal you get the harder it seems so even smaller goals may help. You can totally do it though, good luck :)
  • It's going to take time. I wish this were not the case. But it took time to go on, and will take time to come off. It can seem overwhelming to see the long road ahead, but you can't concentrate on that. Set realistic and attainable goals, and once you hit them, revel in them and then set a new one. Step by step, you'll eventually get to where you want and need to be.

    I essentially have to lose 60% of my total starting weight to get to where I need to be. It's going to take at least a couple years. I only started in earnest in June of this year. Don't look at this as an event. It's a process, and one that technically has no end and no time limit. You're not simply "dieting", your changing your whole outlook and lifestyle. Even when you reach your ultimate goal, the lifestyle continues for the rest of your life.