Kids say the funniest things.....



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    My boys are 6 years old and just started 1st grade in August. They've been preparing for the big homecoming deal since I'm in the backwoods of Texas and often high school football is the ONLY big deal. We received letters home about homecoming and what's going to be taking place. Then one day, we got a letter asking us to approve whether or not the children can be nominated to be Duke or Duchess and have their own parade float, etc. I declined since I have zero time to build a float. At the end of that week, my boys are in the back seat discussing homecoming. Finally, the loudest and most creative says, "Mom, you know I'm generally kind of glad bascially". I said, "Why is that son?" He replied," Well, I didn't want to be the DUKE or the DUDLEY" I laughed all the way home!!!
  • My daughter: Age 4

    Dad got a set of walkie talkies. She had been listening and paying attention. Then finally she goes "Mommy, I've seen it talk, now I want to see it walk" Deadpan serious, quite disgusted when I told her they didn't actually walk by themselves!

    The cutiest thing I had heard :) Love that girl!
  • happened last night:

    by my 5 year old son "mommy when daddy took me to see Plans of the Ates at the movies, i had to close my eyes during the mercials cause there were perverts on there and even scary perverts"

    I have told him not to run off into the woods or wherever and of course he says why and my response is cause there are perverts in there. well, my mom and stepdad live "in the woods" and he said "mommy is mimi a pervert?" i said "no why?" response "cause she lives in the woods".

    I may have to clarify the pervert thing.

    one more and im done

    in the words of my precious baby boy "wets watch a movie on beedios on da man"
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    I've got another one for this!!!

    I was at the grocery store over the weekend with a couple of gal pals... This guy was running some demonstration booth from out of town, and was obviously trying to hit on us... He was trying to be all smooth and says..."So... What can a guy do to have a little fun in this town..."

    A little kid walks by at that moment and yells loudly. "YOU COULD GO TO SCOTTIES SKATELAND!" lol Kids are precious :)
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    Last weekend, my niece (8) and nephew (4) came to spend the night with my mom and I. So we are sitting at the table eating dinner, and my nephew suddenly says (in all seriousness) to my mom, "Umm...Are you a witch?"

    My mom's mouth fell open and she said, "What makes you say that?"

    He pointed to the wall and said, "You have a broom." We had just decorated for Halloween and there was a small decorative broom on the wall with leaves on it. :laugh:
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    My best friends 6 year old spent the night with us recently and we were out driving around town taking him to breakfast and the museum. He was sitting in the back seat and we had a box of stuff that needed to go to the goodwill. Every time my husband made a left turn the box would slide across the seat and smash into Cody. He would say something every time along the lines of "you smashed me." After the 3rd time the following conversation happened:

    Cody: You smashed me with this box again
    My husband: It wasn't me! It was the box!
    Cody (deadpan with no emotion from the backseat): Oh, it was you all right.

    At that point my husband and I just lost it.
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    my oldest child (15) was doing a homework page on her future marriage: This was the conversation

    Ashley: mom what does this mean " how do you plan to split your household cores?"

    Mom: well honey what does dad do?

    Ashley: clothes, trash, and makes your bed

    Mom ok now what do i do


    Ashley: everything else

    Mom: son i do not who do you think polished the dinning room table and cleaned the dinning room.

    Son: not you. Mom where you on facebook today?

    Mom: yes

    Son: see you do nothing all day.
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    My 4 yr old is always telling her sister (6) that she is being ignoring- (annoying)

    My six year old asked me what I wanted for my birthday in Nov. (turning 26) So I told her a HRM & she asked how much- So I told her then she goes " Well, you're probably going to have to wait til you're 27 because I didn't get to put up my lemonade stand this year.." haha...She was so serious (& she's never done a lemonade stand before)

    I was helping my 6 yr old with homework & said "Ok, *her name* you have to focus." My 4 yr old looked at me so serious & gasped- "Ahhh, Mommy! That's a bad word!" :laugh:

    When my oldest was about 4 she was bugging me to do something while I was busy with something else and I said "Just hold your horses." Minutes later she came out of her room dragging her bag of My Little Ponies :laugh: I laughed so hard
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    My 2.5 year old daughter started out telling me not to sing in the car. Now she tells me 'Mommy sing right'.
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    My kids aren't small anymore... 17 and 15 year old boys.

    My 17 year old said, "You're a dork, Mom. I think that's cool now... when I was a kid, not so much"

    Hahaha... so now it's okay that I'm a dork AND he isn't a kid anymore.
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    When my daughters were 2 & 4 I helped them clean their room before bed & in the morning there toys on the floor again. I asked them about it & they denied doing it then my 4 yr old said " Maybe, when we were asleep a MONSTER came in our room & messed it all up again." - pretty believable right?.:laugh:
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    At a department store checkout, my daughter then aged 4 (a few years now) was watching the guy in front of us, he was smoking.
    At the top of her voice she announced "Mum that man must hate his family"
    He turned around and looked at her shocked.
    Me: "umm why honey?"
    Her "He's smoking and that means he's gonna DIE!!!, so he doesn't love his family"
    I couldn't tell her she was wrong, but boy did that guy put his smoke out quickly.
    The people around us were laughing so much.
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    When asked what his parents like to do my son responded in written form to be displayed at the Baptist church pre-school.
    My parents stay up late to watch their adult shows and adult movies.