Road Trip-- advice?

Would you pack your own food? What would you pack? I'll be in the car for 3 days and in a hotel with no refrigerator for two. Thoughts?


  • xraychick77
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    actually for three days i wouldnt worry about it
  • Bring some healthy snacks with you but other than that I'd just make healthy choices while out! : )
  • anubis609
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    actually for three days i wouldnt worry about it

  • alyssamiller77
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    Just did this when we drove from WI to Memphis and then Florida. Bring a cooler, fruits, bottled water, any low calorie snacks you typically enjoy. We brought some 100 calorie snack packs, skinny cow snacks and rice krispie treats (90 cals each) for snacks on the road. We brought breakfast foods like cereal, oatmeal, etc and then ate out for lunch and dinner. Made healthy choices when we did but still made sure to enjoy ourselves. End result, I still lost weight while on the trip.
  • BobbyDaniel
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    Healthy snacks like fiber and protein bars are good, fresh fruit, water is a definite. If you like sandwiches maybe pre-make them and have them ready to go to avoid the pull of fast food. Baked chips or pretzels are also good for something salty.
  • Krisengel
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    I'm with you this week, thanks for asking the question. I'll be gone a few days and have been stressing alittle about it. Thanks for all the good advice from everyone! Good luck on your road trip,
  • juliapurpletoes
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    yeah - I definitely wouldn't blow it off.....eating out is sodium death and will cause water retention and constipation (ugh) as you already know! Bring a cooler and refill it with ice from the ice machines at the in the local grocery stores for fruit. Bring the snacks you like AND LOTS of water....makes all the difference :)
  • k9hrd
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    I like ice to suck/munch on while in the car. Most C-stores will give you free ice and water if you have your own cup. Also gallon bottles of water are less expensive than the smaller ones.
  • ILiftHeavyAcrylics
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    I love eating ice too-- I guess my main question(which I, in my brilliance, didn't ask) is whether it was worth it to you to pack all that stuff, or if you would just try to be as healthy as possible with restaurants and gas stations.
  • alyssamiller77
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    I think it's worth it. I mean you don't want to bring all your meals with you, after all you should indulge a bit and have some fun. But at the same time bringing bottled water and snacks will help you save money and you can make sure that healthy choices are available for you rather than relying on gas stations to have something for you. The breakfast stuff we brought also fit into this concept. Not only was it cheaper than going out to eat but also we could make sure that we had healthy choices with us.