Thyroid problems?

Does anyone have hypothyroidism? do you find it really hard to lose weight??


  • ryssaan
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    yes definitely. I work twice as hard and never seem to get anywhere. I have lost weight but it's really hard
  • momma3sweetgirls
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    Yes, I have it. Not a problem at all for me because my dose is perfect for me. If your dose is right for you, you shouldn't have trouble losing weight because of hypothyroidsm. Good luck!

    Oh, and hi to you in NB. I was born and raised in NB.
  • Romans624
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    I haven't stuck with a program long enough.... until now but its still new lol.

    Pre-thyroid meds, I was very tired, irregular(sorry), moody, fat(still am), and sluggish.

    I find that most of those have changed since starting my introductory dose of levothyroxine(generic for synthroid).

    We'll see how goes. But from what I understand, if your hypothyroidism is properly treated, it should normalize you so that you are like another person. Its hard work to lose weight.... but it shouldn't be more hard having to live with an inadequately treated problem.

    Having said that... what I have read over and over on boards is that women on meds still have a hard time losing weight. :sad:

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  • Romans624
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    My husband weighs about 60 lbs less than me, is slightly taller, and eats much more than me. I know he is a man (better metabolism) but it shouldn't be that bad.
  • Venessa165
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    Yes! I have hypothyrodism and taking 50 mcg. I have incredible hot flashes so I went to the doctor last Thursday to see if my meds were too high. Waiting on results. It is very hard, for me, to drop pounds. I play tennis, walk dogs, watch my intake and the pounds find me. I get stressed and depressed but I still keep going. One day, I won't have to work this hard to be healthy.
  • Lexanna_Cdn
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    Thanks girls, I've been stuck in limbo for what seems like a month at the same weight, I lost 2 lbs recently but, I've been working out as often as energy allows....just got tests back and we should be running around 3 - 5, and my TSH came in at 100 so......I've got a long way to go........glad I know what it is though
  • I have a hypothyroid and I find that I am loosing weight at an ok rate. I am on meds and I take them every morning. I think as long as your levels are normal with the meds you should be ok. Just keep working hard and you will see the pounds come off :) I work hard and I feel great!
  • smcassaro
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    I'm hypothyroid & I'm having a VERY hard time losing weight. I'm on meds, and at last check my levels were ok. I'm due to get my levels drawn again in a few weeks, so we will see. With that said- whether or not it is hard to lose weight, I have vowed not to give up this time! Good luck to you on your journey!
  • Lexanna_Cdn
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    You sound like you need those meds adjusted, I went for years, with no change to those levels, and all of a sudden, it went to 100....looks like a lot of us have this problem, it's so discouraging to work like a madwoman and see no results....:( I guess we need to work twice as hard...
  • I have hypothyroid and Poly-cystic Syndrome... I am new to this site and I am currently trying to get my body fitter and more into shape. If anyone has some tips or anything they find that is working... Please share ;) Thank you x
  • I'm hypothyroid due to thyroid cancer and I find it harder to lose weight now than it was prior to my diagnosis. I'm still losing, just have to watch more carefully what I eat and be really consistent on the excercise. Having the right medication levels helps alot. According to my doctor, being over 40 is another strike. :noway: I'm not gonna let that stop me either. :bigsmile:
  • I have thyroid issues as well...Hashimoto's thyroid, basically totally non functioning thyroid which I take 137 mg of levoxyl...I too find it difficult to lose, but have had the most success with MFP! As my doctor explained it, my blood levels may be regulated, but as far as my body 'metabolism' goes, if I eat one Oreo cookie, my body still thinks I ate a whole bag:sad: So appreciate even the smallest victory because it is definitely earned! Try not to get down seeing so many others who seem to drop 5lbs or so effortlessly at a time...Good luck, you can do this! and you'll feel sooo much better..
  • Lexanna_Cdn
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    whatever you are doing, is working, that's an impressive loss :) bless your heart girl, you're doing good!
  • fiberartist219
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    I'm hypothyroid. I'm currently taking 88mcg of Levothyroxine (generic Synthroid).

    When my levels are low, I feel tired. When they are treated properly, I feel more energetic and willing to workout.

    For awhile, I thought it was hard to lose weight due to the thyroid problems, but I have since discovered that there were other factors involved. Two of my other medications had side effects of weight gain and increased appetite. I have since weaned off those and in the few weeks I've been without them, the weight is starting to fall off a lot more easily than it was before when I was busting my butt. Obviously, you should check with your doctor before changing your dosage on any medications.

    If you are newly diagnosed, I suggest you take a trip to your local library to read up on hypothyroidism. There is a lot to learn and it's simply too much information for a time crunched doctor visit. Also, if you are looking for other hypos to talk to, there are some email groups you can find.
  • Lexanna_Cdn
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    I know one thing, actually 2 ,lol .......we should stay away from soy based products like tofu, and take our Synthroid on an empty stomach, and never with your vitamins.....they don't interact well, and causes the Synthroid to not work so well.
  • fiberartist219
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    LOL, I've broken all those rules.
  • Lexanna_Cdn
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    Wow, this is a real eye opener!!!! Read what it says for a high fiber diet!!!!
  • oops hit the wrong key. I was on thyroid meds as a child (10 yrs old) for some reason unknown to me my parents discontinued them. I mentioned this to my doctor and that I have all of the symtoms.. Blood test were done and she said they were normal. But I am not convenced. Should I get a 2nd opinion?
  • WillieEverlearn
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    Like a few others, I have low thyroid function due to a previous cancer treatment (lymphoma in my case). I think it's been more difficult to lose since--especially because it seems I need to make pretty regular adjustments on my synthroid dose--but I'm upping my exercise levels and noticing a big improvement.
  • scapez
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    oops hit the wrong key. I was on thyroid meds as a child (10 yrs old) for some reason unknown to me my parents discontinued them. I mentioned this to my doctor and that I have all of the symptoms.. Blood test were done and she said they were normal. But I am not convinced. Should I get a 2nd opinion?

    Definitely...just because your levels are normal on paper doesn't mean you're not hypo. Listen to what your body is telling you and try to find an open minded doctor. Good luck!