Roctober-Ready to rock it out each day in October?

Looking for a few motivated people to rock out October in a MFP kind of way.

Weekly weigh in each Sunday.
Weekly submission of total days you exercised during the week.
Weekly submission of total minutes worked out during the week.

If your ready to rock it out and re-shape yourself, feel free to join us.
Starting date, Saturday, October 1st, 2011.

Just let me know you want to be involved, then on Sunday, October 2nd post your CW.

Let's get rocking! (We can always Roll on into November too!)


  • atucker_mom
    atucker_mom Posts: 88 Member
    I'd love to join! Sounds like a good way to stay motivated.
  • k9hrd
    k9hrd Posts: 351 Member
    I would love to join.
  • kellylou1367
    kellylou1367 Posts: 91 Member
    I'll definitely do this, I've lost all motivation, was supposed to get back into it the start of September and that hasn't happened and I have a goal which is to drop a dress size by 14th December for an event I am attending.
  • Great! Glad to see a few of you want to do this.
  • CW/SW for this October event 170.6
    Today is day one of being active each day all month long. Come on, let's do this thing!
  • kellylou1367
    kellylou1367 Posts: 91 Member
    Hi everyone, been out all day so just able to get on internet now.

    Start Weight: 157.6lbs

    Just about to jump on Cross trainer
  • atucker_mom
    atucker_mom Posts: 88 Member
    Hi All! Starting weight for Oct 2nd.... 275..... hope everyone has a great week!
  • Tg516
    Tg516 Posts: 1
    I am doing ROCTOBER. Starting today logging in daily with exercise and food log.
    Starting weight 146. Goal woeight 136.
    Today 3 mile walk.
    25 minutes tennis beginner so a lot of chasing the ball.
  • atucker_mom
    atucker_mom Posts: 88 Member
    Hope everyone is having a great week! I've managed to get my exercise in everyday and stay undercalorie goal. I am hoping I can keep it up all week!
  • kellylou1367
    kellylou1367 Posts: 91 Member
    Update of me weekly workouts: (following a plan)

    Saturday Cross Trainer, 20 minutes Resistance Level 2 260 cals burned
    Sunday Cross Trainer, 23 minutes Resistance Level 2 273 cals burned
    Monday Cross Trainer, 30 minutes - 5 minutes forwards, 5 minutes reverse X3 307 cals burned
    Tuesday Cross Trainer, 26 minutes Resistance 4 313 cals burned
    Wednesday Rest Day
    Thursday Cross Trainer, 30 minutes, 5 minutes forwards, 5 minutes reverse x3 329 cals burned
    Friday Cross Trainer, 30 minutes, Resistance L4 362 cals burned

    Weight 154.8lbs: -4.4lbs
    Total minutes: 2 hrs 39 minutes
    Total Calories Burned: 1,844
  • atucker_mom
    atucker_mom Posts: 88 Member
    I had a decent week, but I didn't meet all my goals. This week's Weight is 271 down 4 lbs from last week's 275. I was over my calorie goal 2 days and only execised 4 of the seven days.

    I'm hoping for a better week next, but I am sure glad of the weight loss!

    Have a great week!
  • Keep going strong everyone! We can all do this. :-)
    CW: 169. Finally out of the 170's. I was stuck for almost 3 weeks, yuck.
    Seeing that 169 seemed to motivate me again.

    Happy healthy eating, calorie control and body movement this week. :flowerforyou: