Am I the biggest person here, 165 kgs current weight...Looki

Hi everyone,

Planning to lose 90 kg's, how long do you think it will take me to do so in a healthy and exercise diet.


  • McKayMachina
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    It's going to take some time but you will get there! If you had told me in December of last year that by now I'd have lost 29 kg, I would NOT have believed it. But it's happening! I have more to go but I'm getting there.

    One day at a time.

  • Mamoonie
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    WOW! You wanna lose *me* :-O

    I lost 19 kgs in the last 14 months, but took it quite easily, with my preferences set to lose 1 lb/week. As long as I only worked out a little bit, I actually lost that fast, but since I work out with a personal trainer, my weight loss has slowed down to about 1 kg per month, but I'm losing inches quite fast instead.

    I wish you a lot of motivation, courage and determination!

  • raqattack8
    Hey there,
    No I do not think you are the biggest person here. Good on you for joining and starting. I have had a life long battle with my weight all my life. I have lost weight only to put it back on, you will find great friends here and wonderful encouragement. Look for TamTastic, she is amazing I think she has lost 135lbs = approx. 60kg, I think it will take you about a year to lose 90kgs, as it is more a lifestyle change and not a DIEt, being healthy and letting it come off slowly will make sure it stays off.. I hope you go well with your journey, best wishes to you.
  • paper_doll_
    Hi everyone,

    Planning to lose 90 kg's, how long do you think it will take me to do so in a healthy and exercise diet.

    I have done 90kg, working my way up to 100+. I was up around the 160kg mark like you.

    Stayed around the 90kg loss for a while, and just decided recently the rest needed to go. Took me about two years to do it.

    Good luck! It is a long journey but it is worth it!
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    First of all welcome of MFP.

    I started at around 152 (24 Stone) in February 2010 and got down to 137kg for January 2011.

    I would say from my experience do not try and forecast how long it will take you at this stage and do not try to make too many changes in one go, thinking too big too quickly will only set you up to be disappointed. It is also important to remember that you did not get to this size over night so you wont be able to get down over night either.

    "Inch by inch life's a synch, yard by yard life is hard"

    Make small changes by whatever you feel is easier for you and use the site to record all your food intake honestly. I started by going for a lunch time walk at work, starting with a 1km lap of the industrial estate, as i became fitter i increased it little by little each time.

    Feel free to add me as a friend


  • kirakaydawn
    I was 145Kg in March.. I'm down from that but still not skinny!!

    Feel free to add me :)
  • Luckyfab26
    Thank you everyone, I will post my pictures and open my diary. Looking forward to your support, I am already motivated and inspired.
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    You should add 500lbs2marathon
    He has lost more than 200 pounds/100kg's!
  • beckyinma
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    Stick with it, you have to be committed to it 100%. It won't be overnight, give it time, set a goal for 1lb per week and follow the intake guidelines. be patient and it will happen. You've made the first positive step to a healthier you. :)
  • ClariceDancer
    Heyy No I don't think you are.

    I would say the best way to loose weight is gradually to avoid getting excess skin. Everyone here is really supportive so keep at it I know you will get there. :)
  • Luckyfab26
    Thank you, you've made my day.
  • aflane
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    Nope. You're definitely not the heaviest person to start on MFP. I started at 390 lbs (177.2 kg), and I'm wasn't the heaviest here by a long-shot. I started my lifestyle renovation on 4 January 2011, and have lost 119 lbs (54.1 kg) so far. I need to lose a total of 220-240 lbs (100-110 kg), and I figure that it will take me approximately 2-2.5 yrs to get to goal weight.

    It was very quick at first, but my weight loss has started to slow down. But it's okay, any weight loss is a good thing. Remember, you didn't gain the weight overnight, and you won't lose it overnight. It takes TIME. So don't get a mindset of "I have to lose X kg by X date". Instead, just go day by day. It's much less intimidating.