Scared to take classes at my gym!

I just joined 24 hour fitness and they have a bunch of classes like 24 lift which is weight training, zumba and 24 s.e.t which strength training/cardio and there are so much more, but I am scared that I can't keep up! It's not because I am alone, because I did take classes at the Y but those classes are much more smaller then these. Some of the classes at 24 require a sign up because the are so full. But I know this would help me reach my goal!!


  • _SusieQ_
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    Don't be afraid, just jump in and try it. If the instructors are good, they will offer low impact options to beginners. Worst case scenario, you go in, stay at the back, try it out. If you don't like it, no one is stopping you from walking out and trying a different one next time.

    There is an instructor at my Y named Olga who is VERY intimidating. Enough that I wouldn't take one of her classes b/c I just knew I wouldn't be able to handle it. Finally one night I just did it, and now she is my favorite one.
  • skinnyinnotime
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    Just go for it, you'll be surprised at how much you can do, whether you keep up or not doesn't matter ,forget those around you, focus on yourself and your goals.
  • Jolenebib
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    Do IT!! And just think, with a class that big, they'll be others like you who are also there for the first time.
  • kellyscomeback
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    They classes are so much fun, that's all I do at my gym. Everyone was new at one time and most people will help you.

    SET - go for a light weight because you will be doing 20-30 reps.
    Zumba - get a good spot to watch the instructor. You won't get the moves down in the first 2-3 classes, but keep moving and you will know the steps before you know it.
    Turbo Kick - my favorite. It is dancey, and like Zumba it takes a few times to get the moves down.
  • 2Bgoddess
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    I agree. nothing ventured, nothing, um...lost, LOL. being a big fan, I would suggest the zumba class!
    take a look at the length of the classes. sometimes, they vary in time. 30 min, 45 min, 60 min...start with a shorter one, if it helps you be a little more confident about it.
    but there is no shame in walking out, or taking a break. you can always try again.
  • TamLind83
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    Just go for it and dive in head first. Try to get there a bit before hand so you can introduce yourself to the instructor and let them know you are new and tell them of you concern. Most class instructors at gyms that I have been to are extremely helpful and will help you with modifications so you can participate in that class and not hurt yourself or work yourself too hard. If you do get into a class and find out that you aren't able to make it through, then slip out the door during the water break and then wait outside to go back in after the class ends so you can put away any equipment you were using. The instructor should not be offended.

    Also, don't worry about what other people might think about you. At least you are at the gym and giving stuff a try. Plus, for all they know you went to the restroom or something. : )
  • Sweet13_Princess
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    Don't be afraid to try classes. I really love them, but I was so out of shape when I first started that the retired members had more endurance than I did. It was kind of embarassing at first, but I pushed past it.

    If you're nervous, you might ask one of the employees what class is best for beginners. Also, when you arrive to class, give the instructor a heads up that you're a newbie and he/she will show modifications for you throughout.

    Don't feel singled out. Everyone has went through the same thing when they first started. Good for you for showing interest!

  • demonNIИ
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    It's my favorite thing to do at my activity. Today for example for my 2nd class I was worn out from 2 hours at the dentist... lots of pain with my mouth and tired from the AM class that was insane. But I did my best and left like 5 min early...stayed almost the whole hour. I can't do 100% sometimes and I've been there a while now. Give it your personal best!!
  • Lucylaser
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    The first time I ever went to a gym class about 9 years ago I was SO SO SO completely out of shape that I had to take a break from the class because I was seeing stars and could not walk for literally a week after. I was mortified. But now that I have been taking classes a lot more regularly now I realize that I am really more focused on myself and never really notice what the other people are doing. I have a lot of injuries and can't do everything everyone else can do because of an accident I had, but I don't get embarrassed that I can't do those things. I just do what I can and know that each time I show up its an investment in me no matter how well I do in the class. I am the type of person that finds it hard to motivate a great workout every time alone, so someone standing in front of me and giving me direction is just what I need. I try to go to 5 classes a week. I have seen a lot of improvement in my stamina and strength.