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calling all spinning/ cycling before and after pictures

I tried to look it up and i cant seem to find any postings, but any results (pics) of spinning?


  • savismommy
    I'd like to see this too!
  • anna_b1
    anna_b1 Posts: 588 Member
    Me too please!!!! I'm relatively new to the sport, but I believe it does transform your body and burn a ton of calories to boot.
  • Lucylaser
    Lucylaser Posts: 94 Member
    I don't have pics. But I love spinning. I have seen great results. Also I lost over an inch in my calves since I have gotten into it. I know some people are worried about bulking up.

  • Pitterpatter
    Pitterpatter Posts: 243 Member
    keeping an eye on this post!!!! :D
  • oswaldbowser
    oswaldbowser Posts: 164 Member
    Ok this might help....

    I have a Ki fit (bobybugg in U.S.A) which monitors my calories used and is accurate up to 2-5%....which is very good.....I went spinning on friday for 40 minutes and really felt the burn on my legs......i measured the calories used at the start of the session until the end which was exactly 520....however this is the good bit 10 mins after the session I had burnt a total of 720 due to the fact that the leg muscles were still using calories.....

    Pro's : If you put the effort in you will be rewarded.

    Con's : You can adjust the resistance to make the exercise easier for yourself

    Make sure you have a good instructor who pushes was my first time and I will be going again
  • phatphd
    phatphd Posts: 45
  • robyng1986
    robyng1986 Posts: 139 Member
    i also don't have pics but the burn from spinning is great! when you complete a class you feel so accomplished and dare I say STRONG.
  • BeachGurl815
    BeachGurl815 Posts: 295 Member
    I don't have any photos...but the majority of my cardio is spin classes and I am losing the weight. My legs & butt are definetly more toned as a result.
  • letsgetserious
    letsgetserious Posts: 140 Member
    I luv spin class...... but I dont have any pics :(
    But i do see a difference in my legs and butt also... and
    the legs do get real strong...

    Keep spinning and have a great day :)
  • wackynunu
    wackynunu Posts: 103
    Spinning is about half my cardio. Running is the other half. I love that spinning is in intervals. I think that helps my short attention span. :)
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