My motivation has gone.

Literally I don't know what to do. I think the initial buzz of working out and losing weight has gone, now i'm cheating on my diet and not going to gym as much. I have a long way to go, but i'm seriously lacking the drive! I've also lost gained, lost and regained the same 4 pounds over the last 3 weeks.


  • chevy88grl
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    We all go through this. Every single one of us. From here, there are two choices: Keep "cheating" and gain the weight back OR jump back on the wagon and move forward. Unfortunately, none of us can make the decision for you. YOU have to want it. YOU have to decide you're worth it and turn things around. I wish you the best of luck. You CAN do it!
  • sarglava
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    Tell me about it... I've been the same weight for about 2 months. I have no time to go to the gym. Luckily I walk a lot during the day so I'm not totally sessile. I just tell myself that school is more important right now. As long as I eat relatively well and find small ways to be active I'll be fine until I can devote more time to it.
  • mamafrahm
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    I started this week off feeling the same loss of motivation, but then I tried on a pair of jeans that used to be really tight, and they weren't AS tight, so I started kicking up my work outs again. Instead of doing the same old workouts every day, switch it up a bit to keep yourself from getting bored. Have you ever tried Zumba? Great work out and A LOT of fun!!
  • BigDaddyBRC
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    Becoming healthier is a mindset. You have to choose to change. and then act upon that choice. It takes determination and dedication.

    Ask yourself....DO YOU WANT IT?? If so, GET IT!!!!!!!

    Get your butt up and moving. get back to making healthy choices on your foods. you CAN do this. but ONLY if YOU WANT IT.
  • aliciagetshealthy
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    Exactly what Chevy said. I'd also like to add, that for me this is not a "diet" - it is a different way of looking at food. I don't look at any item as off limits, so there is no "cheating". I work these things into my day. The only thing I hold myself truely accountable for is to log everything "before" I eat it. If have found this works well, to see the number in front of me, before I decide if I really want something.
  • FitMama2013
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    ditto what chevy said - not a single one of us will ALWAYS stay motivated. I've fallen off track along the way and had to make the decision to get back on ASAP. there's no magic answer - you just have to do it. if you want some extra support, feel free to friend me!
  • jenniferpayne5
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    Go to YouTube and search p90x results. Once I saw someone else with the same starting body as me suceed at getting sexy it ignited my fire.

    I am also hitting a plateau with the weight loss, but you have to remember that when the pounds melt off rapidly it is almost always water your loosing. The fat always takes longer to loose. So stick with it and just keep logging everything.

    One thing that helped me to eliminate the cheating was to imagine the foods I usually cheat with and visualize not eating them and choosing something else. Occassionally I let myself cheat, but I am in control of how much I cheat because I am choosing to incoorporate the treat.

    I have also stopped focusing so much on calorie choices and tried to make sure my foods are balanced. I find when I focus on trying to get more protein or get my fiber over 20 grams a day I eat better and stay close to my target. I also don't want to waste my calories on low fiber foods because then I cant hit my fiber target.
  • chris6515
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    Try smaller motivational steps. For example, commit to starting the day eating a healthy breakfast. Or walking the dog every day for a mile. Or log in here every day to read other success stories and blogs. As the other member said, we ALL go through this, especially when we hit a plateau. That's when we really need support. You made the first step when you wrote this post.
  • reander
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    I went through this for about 3 months and regained baout 10lb. But someone said to me look how much you have lost and how far you've come, not just in terms of weight but mindset as well.

    And seriously, you've lost 11lb and that is nothing to be scoffed at! It's amazing. I really hope you find the motivation you need and get back on track!