I didn't realize I'd lost so much

I just decided to put my weights in my signature and when I had to write down my highest weight it made me realize how much I've lost already.I can't believe I lost 20 lbs! This was all before I started using MFP. It took me about a year to lose that 20 lbs, and I did it mostly through small incremental diet changes.

Before this moment I liked to ignore my highest weight, as I was rather ashamed of myself for letting me get to that point. I've been in decent shape for most of my life but have really slipped in the last 4 or so years and the weight just piled on. For a long time I felt like every time I stepped on a scale it would be at least 5 lbs higher than the last time.

No real point to this post, just wanted to brag a little!


  • Well done. Keep it going. ;)
  • DakotaKeogh
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    Congrats. Keep it up!
  • Summerleahd
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    That's awesome! We have the same goal. My weight gain is from thinking I could eat whatever I wanted while pregnant and lose it quickly. I also got pregnant back to back so that didn't help.
  • Good for you!!! WELL DONE on your success. Why not brag a little? - its hard work getting back to fitness and you are doing great. Keep up the good work.
  • janeinspain
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    That's great! I know the ashamed feeling at the highest weight. I've been there as well. It feels good now though, when you see how far you've come! Great going!
  • havalinaaa
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    Thanks for the kind words, everyone! Also, I'm looking for more MFP friends if anyone wants to add me.
  • robinxhope
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    I came to MFP after loosing some to. I think that drive to be healthier is what led me to this tool. I love it and it's been incredibly helpful. I think using this tool in combination with a previous drive to be healthy is what has helped me achieve my weight loss. It's made it so much easier to keep track and understand what was holding me back!

    Way to go, congrats and keep up the fight for better vitality!
  • susanswan
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    Congratulations! 20 pounds is a lot!! I'd say, scream it from the rooftops!! = D In the beginning I was so ashamed to have gotten to 205 pounds. But we all start with the first step no matter how much we weigh and no matter what our goals are. We must all take that first scary step. Now that you have lost 20pounds I'd say go and brag your head off! You might think you are just bragging, but actually you are helping others to realize that if you can do it, so can they! I used to scour the posts here in the beginning looking for someone my age, my weight, with progress under their belt. Then I'd friend them or follow them and learn from them. Now, instead of being ashamed that I was 205 pounds, when someone tells me I look great or asks me what I've done I say, "yeah, I used to weigh 205 pounds. IT was horrible but I've learned to take care of myself and have lost over 60 pounds by eating right." Some people who truly are interested and looking for help will ask more, but some would rather live in denial. I think generally most people are impressed by us and only wish they had what it takes to take control over their lives and with food. It is very empowering to me now to talk about it openly instead of shamefully. I might have some loose skin, but I will not let that define who I am as a person!