Discouraging day... Time to stop going it alone perhaps?

Hi everyone...

So, I signed up for MFP several months ago, and I've been tracking my food/exercise on here quite seriously for about a month. At first I didn't bother to fill out a profile or anything, since I was really just using it as a tracking tool, not as a community. But today I'm feeling tired, discouraged, a little overwhelmed, and I've realized that I often try to do far too much on my own. So I've decided I need (and deserve) some support.

I've been incredibly motivated for the last month and I've made some serious changes in my eating and exercise habits. I've been working out almost every day and keeping my food mostly within the healthy weight-loss range. But I'm feeling impatient and verging on self critical today. I've lost about 3-4 lbs since I made these changes one month ago, and while I know this is a healthy weight loss rate, it feels disappointing to me. I suppose I feel like I should see more results given how hard I've been working. I've been trying really hard NOT to focus on actual weight loss, but rather on just getting in shape, and this has worked well for me. But every time I do get on the scale I feel like I must be doing something wrong, and it's hard for me not to get down on myself.

Today I woke up feeling defeated. Over ate and I feel like going to the gym is pointless (even though I know it's not). I've been doing so well with keeping myself motivated but I feel like it's just not paying off. ugh.... Encouragement? Insight? A friend?

anything welcome.



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    It is very helpful to make friends on here. I noticed that I when I had friends encouraging me on here, it pushes me to want to do better even more. I would suggest that you join a group or go into the community and start adding friends.. You will be so glad you did. And we all have discouraging days like this.. It is definitely a roller coaster ride! It has its lows and its highs, but you will never complete the journey if you get off the ride.. So just ride these feelings out.. maybe just get up and excercise- should kick you right back into gear! Good Luck!
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    Feel free to add me if you want. You'll find lots of supportive folks here! It really does help.
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    Would love to be your friend!! If not I wish you all the success in your MFP journey!!!
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    4lbs in a month is good. Just calculate how many months it will take you at this current rate to get to your goal and see this as a positive thing. I've lost 32lbs in 8 months which is slower than you.

    Find support on MFP - it'll help. :)
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    Firstly, friends request sent :)
    Secondly, there are definitely discouraging days, I'm trying to get back on track after having to live on pub food for a week, its heading into the second week and I'm getting there, but still struggling.
    Look at why you're doing this again, remind yourself of all the good points about it.
    I think you should allow yourself your down day, it's going to happen and for the lifestyle change to stick you have to acknowledge and accept these things.
    Maybe skip the gym for the day, just try and relax and start again fresh tomorrow. Go for a walk or a ride or something instead of the gym. :)
  • 1) Encouragement: you can definitely do this. If it was easy, no one would be overweight. So, you're discovering it's harder than anticipated. Most of us women do. Stick to it!! It will eventually work...but if you quit, it never will.
    2) Insight: stop getting on the scale. I was a daily weigher for a long time. Then I realized how much I was letting that number determine my life, and how much I could eat, and how I felt about myself every day. Now I only check it every week or two (or even three)...the point is, not very often. And never after a day of overeating or too much sodium--especially the sodium, that can add a couple of phantom pounds from temporary water retention.
    3) If you need another friend, feel free to add me. Friends help, and we all know where you are and what you're going through. Personally, I lost 21 pounds over summer break. Then I went back to school and found ten of them, just waiting for me. Now I'm trying to get those off during the semester, but more importantly, I'm trying to prevent myself from gaining any more.

    You can do this, I promise!
  • I've had days like that too, and it's so easy to say I give up. It's probably the last thing you want to do, but I recommend getting out of the house and moving- even if it's just a walk around the block. Sometimes that helps me to get past a down day.

    HTH and I sent a friend request :^)
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    Oh I know that feeling! Been at this a month and had total of 7 down, but 4 of that I lost the first week. Today I weighed in and was up 2! Very frustrating since I had hoped to be down 8 total today not up 2! I did go over my count the last couple of days but.......sucks that unless you really really stick to the count this happens!
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    Hi, I read your post and it sounded exactly like me. I too joined in August and have not introduced myself. It has been more for me to be able to log my food and activity. But I, like you, think maybe I need something more. I feel like I'm not very good at the posting,etc. I'm not even sure how to make my ticker!! SO here we go, today it a totally new day for us. Log your food and activity. We will be succesful! Good Luck.
  • Good lord... that was FAST. The internet is a crazy thing. :tongue:

    ok, thank you all so much... Feel better already, and I will indeed add those of you who've offered. I'm looking forward to getting to know everyone here...

    Many Thanks again - I promise to return the favour when any of you need it!

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    We all need motivation once in a while. One friend request coming up!