New-old jeans

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Woo hoo..I've been having trouble keeping my jeans up so I went through the closet last night. I pulled out a couple of pairs a jeans that I've not worn in a couple of years. A few months ago I tried to put them on and couldn't even pull them up!! They fit great and I'm wearing a pair today with a shirt I pulled out of the closet, too. The shirt I only wore a few times because it was actually a bit too small when I bought it and it never got better. I know it's only a small weight loss but I"m so use to hiding under baggy loose clothes that I feel like I look really different today because these are more form fitting (I still have TONS to lose) and I just FEEL smaller today without having to pull up my tent-clothes all the time!!! Woo hooo me!!!


  • uLinx
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    That is GREAT! Awesome job!!! :drinker:
    It must have felt sooo good, well done!
  • toasterlisa
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    I'll give you a big WOO HOO, too! Congrats on going shopping in your own closet! I hope to be able to do the same in my closet in another 5-10 lbs.
    Keep up the good work and get rid of those tent clothes! People will notice your weight loss when you wear things that really fit your body.
  • coloradocami
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    Awesome! Good for you!
  • amyd03
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    CONGRATS doing the happy dance for you :flowerforyou:
  • liveinthemix
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    New-Old jeans (and clothes) are one of the best NSV's... way to go!!
  • cpegasus01
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    Fantastic! That alwasy makes you feel good to "shop" in your own closet. WTG!!!!!
  • mom2my5sons
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    ME TOO!!!! Isn't it great?
  • rgoodman1979
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    I am SOOO excited for you! You're doing great!
  • That's awesome!
  • shovav91
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    Wow! What an awesome feeling that must have been!
    You deserve nothing less; I'm sure you've been working your butt off (quite literally) and you deserve all of the NSVs that come your way! Well done, I'm so proud! Keep up the great work! :D
  • It's such an awesome feeling! NSVs are what keeps me motivated to continue on my journey. Way to go :happy: