What should I put on my shopping list?

I am going shopping in a couple of days. What should I put on my shopping list? The last few times I went shopping I followed certain diet plans. I want to start preparing my own meals. What should every healthy eater have in their cabinet/frige/freezer???


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  • krisbychiken
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    I would say definitely tons of fruits and veggies, chicken, lowfat yogurts, and foods high in fiber. That's what I buy!:smile:
  • PlunderBunneh
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    My healthy staples:
    Chobani yogurts, both a big thing of plain (for substituting for sour cream in recipes/toppings) and a handful of flavored
    Granola to put in my yogurts ;)
    1% Milk
    Everything bagel thins (great for sandwiches when I have the carbs to spare)
    Tons of eggs to hardboil
    Lots and lots of fresh veggies for dipping
    Green leaf lettuce and tomatoes for salads and wraps
    Lean meats, lots of chicken and pork, no red meat.
    Frozen black bean burgers for lazy nights
    Fiber One 90 cal brownies
    Skinny cow ice cream sandwiches
    Fat free frozen yogurt (but watch the sugar)

    These are the foods that I make sure to keep in the house. I'm sure not all of them live up to the "healthy" standard, but they work great for me :)
  • chris6515
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    Depends on what you like. If you like cereal for breakfast, read the labels. Choose less sugary ones with higher fiber and whole grains. If you like rice and pasta, choose brown rice and whole grain pasta. If you eat meat, get skinless chicken, lean beef or pork. Try to eat legumes (different types of beans) and fish (frozen unbreaded or canned tuna/salmon) at least a few meals a week. Buy more fruit and vegetables, and make yourself try at least one new thing each week.
  • curvygirl512
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    lots of fresh fruits and veggies
    fresh herbs like dill, oregano, thyme from the produce dept
    fish and chicken to bake or grill
    Egg whites in a carton
    whole grain sides, like brown rice and whole grain cous cous
    whole grain bread (wheat, rye, pumpernickel)
    dried beans if you have the time to cook them
    Oatmeal, high fiber cereal
    skim milk
    soybeans and chick peas (in a can, rinse before using)
    olive oil
    non stick cooking spray
    chobani or oikos yogurt
    fat free and/or sugar free pudding and jello
    skinny cow frozen deserts (assorted)
    guilty pleasure: really dark unsweetened chocolate, 93% cocoa--just a little goes a long long way on taste

    supportive athletic shoes and good sports bra--OK, technically, these aren't groceries. But if you've ever seen me zip around the grocery store with a cart on my lunch break, you'll know why these are essentials.
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