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    Bump! just a question - what is Mrs Dash? Is it some sort of spice? Can you get it in the UK? Thanks!

    Honey - mustard glazed chicken:
    1/2 cup honey
    1/3 cup of wholegrain mustard
    1 clove of garlic
    500 grams mini chicken fillets
    salt & pepper

    Season the chickenwith salt and pepper. Add crushed garlic, mix well. Cover with honey and mustard, mix well, place on a baking tray and bake on high heat for 15 mins turning over one. Serve with your choice of vegetables.

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    Mrs. Dash is brand of mixed of spices. It comes in different flavors, regular, chicken, chile lime... all of them salt-free. I use it all the time, beats having to sort through, find and select my own spices. I'm a lazy cook. I have no idea if you can get it in the UK. I'm guessing, no if you haven't heard of it.
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  • Easy Fried Rice


    1 tbsp olive or canola oil -120 calories
    1/4 diced onion - 50 calories (??)
    1 tsp minced garlic-5 calories
    1 serving frozen mixed veggies (Carrots/peas/corn/green beans) -70 calories
    1 egg-70 calories
    2 servings brown rice cooked -300 calories
    6 oz chicken breast OR 6oz shrimp OR 6 oz pork loin (leftovers work great) ~ 150 calories
    1 tbsp soy sauce --low sodium-10 calories

    1. saute onion and garlic in oil
    2. add in the mixed veggies (defrosting no necessary)
    3. add in the cooked protein--dice it up before adding
    4. crack egg into pan and scramble it--break into bits
    5. add in the rice
    6. add in the soy sauce

    Stir it all up and serve! :)

    **optional--scalions, crushed red pepper, and baby corn

    TOTAL: 775 calories for 1 servings OR 390 ish calories for 2 servings
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  • Mrs. Dash is a no salt spice here in the US. We find it here in the spice section. I've never been to the UK, so I don't know if you have it, but that's where you'd find it
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