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Arrg! What more can I do

I have been eating within my program according to MFP and it doesn't seem to be working! I started MFP late last week and have been diligent to track all that I ate. I mean all of it! I have even begun walking 30 mins a day. I know the weight wont come flying off but I would like it to COME OFF! I have lost 27lbs since mid feb. That was with taking th summer off. So I began the weight loss journey back up mid Sept. Since then I have only lost just shy of 7lbs. I started MFP late last week as I said and I am not seeing any changes in my weight. What am I doing wrong!


  • lstnlondry
    lstnlondry Posts: 1,794 Member
    I'm with you sister. Let's try to stay strong together.
  • skinnylizzard
    skinnylizzard Posts: 460 Member
    you're being too impatient! I betcha by next Tuesday you'll see some results! You could be building muscles, Which weigh more than Fat.
  • skinnybearlyndsay
    skinnybearlyndsay Posts: 798 Member
    You do realize that it may take a while for your changes to show, right? It doesn't happen overnight.

    You've "shocked" your body and it's revolting. Give it some time before you start freaking out.
  • Apazman
    Apazman Posts: 494 Member
    I actually gained weight my first 1-2 weeks on it. then lost 5.7 lbs in just a few days. I assume this was water retension due to the change in diet. Keep it up. I found doing a little weight training helped a lot too.
  • dlaplume2
    dlaplume2 Posts: 1,658 Member
    It doesn't sound like you are doing anything wrong. You have lost 7 lbs since mid sept. That looks like an average of 1lb a week. It has been about 7 weeks since mid sept.

    You need to keep doing what you are doing and be patient.
  • bcattoes
    bcattoes Posts: 17,299 Member
    7 lbs since mid Sep, that's about 1 lb per week. What's wrong with that?
  • Pangui
    Pangui Posts: 373 Member
    Here's what you can do. Reprogram your expectations! You didn't get fat in 5 days and you won't get skinny in 5 days either.

    If you can't hang in there for such a short period of time without getting frustrated, then you don't yet have the mindset you need to make this a permanent and lasting lifestyle change.

    Focus on your goals, plan your meals, research and learn about nutrition, exercise, cut out high calorie foods that don't contribute to your health and most of all........NEVER GIVE UP!

    Best wishes in your weight loss journey.
  • LeslieJK
    Thank you everyone...I do tend to get frustrated when I know I am doing what is right and feel as though I am getting nowhere. I do appreciate to encouragement in all the forms it came in. I most certainly have to mindset to go the distance. I would love the distance to not be so far away thats all! I did indeed drop weiht this week, 1.6lbs for a total of 25lbs while tracking on MFP. It is a total of 28.5 since Feb. I have learned today not to allow what happens at the scale to knock me off the road to the goal. As long as I know that I am tracking all that I eat and staying within the program and am doing all that is right, I will eventually see the change.
    Again thanks for the encouragement. I just needed to vent. God bless you all.Healthier living is the goal