Looking for someone to start with me on my 9 week C25k journey. running a 5k has been a dream of mine since I started on MFP, and now that i'm 35 days in, I'm ready to officially start my 5k training! I am looking for one, or a few MFP pals who will stick with me on this journey and keep each other motivated through the end. Any takers? Shoot me a friend req with a message. Serious C25k-ers only :) I will be doing this on the treadmill.




  • midonhau
    midonhau Posts: 108 Member
    I just completed Week 1....doing Week 2 Day 1 tomorrow

    If you don't mind being a week behind we can be running partners
  • justaskforbrandy
    justaskforbrandy Posts: 90 Member
    I am just now starting week 6 of c25k, finished week 5 day 3 last night! My friend and I are training for a 10k... but if you'd like some motivation and advice throughout your journey, I'd love to be friends! (=
  • limismith
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    I'll join in... some of my friends started doing this just to boost their normal workout routine. I started running on my treadmill when I first joined MFP and got really into it until I switched shifts at work and never went back to the routine. I'm friending you now!
  • icemaiden17_uk
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    Im doing week 2 I think! I'm not being really strick with the plan to be honest! I'm using it as a base for my own workout! I will happily join you though!!
  • Summerleahd
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    I just finished w3d2 today, and let me tell you I felt amazing afterwards and ran some more.I'm addicted and cant wait for my next day and for longer runs.
  • paulwgun
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    I will join you im doing W1 D2 tomorrow (Mon 7/11) ive downloaded a mp3 of the workout with music and prompts of when to run and when to walk friend req sent

    Im also doing it on a treadmill
  • awesome everyone, thanks for the support! I am excited to start tomorrow. For those who are ahead of me, I'm totally game to be a little behind. Having each other for motivation is so helpful in something like this.

    I'm trying to figure out how we're going to communicate.. does anyone have any ideas or is just using the message board sufficient?
  • I'm very interested! I have been wanting to do this but have kept putting it off. I plan on starting tomorrow. I will be using the treadmill also. Will be great to have someone doing it with me.
  • for anyone who is interested.. I created a facebook group for all of us to keep in touch better :)

  • Summerleahd
    Summerleahd Posts: 314 Member
    I sent a request to join :)
  • I just did workout 1 tonight! I'm with ya!