Who has George Foreman Grill

So I love my George Foreman Grill. I make all sorts wih it such as Plantain chip, grill fish. Do you have one and what do you make?


  • rubyosburn
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    I have one and love it, I make turkey burgers, fish, chicken, veggies .....you name it! :heart:
  • chezmama
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    I have one and for the longest time I didn't really use it. Then I discovered that I could make very yummy wraps by brushing some olive oil on a flat out bread and filling it with leftovers or whatever I want, folding the whole works together and putting it in the grill for 3-5 minutes. A very tasty way to get half the day's fiber.
  • NA_Willie
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    Who doesn't have a George Foreman grill?
  • Giraffe33991
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    Thanks for the ideas! I am boring and just do chicken and burgers. Al lthese ideas are awesome!
  • I just bought a second one, actually! My first one is kind of "used " you can say and was getting hard to clean after cooking. I love mine! I cook chicken and steaks.... I love my steaks!!
  • Nelski
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    I have always just used it for grilling burgers or chicken but recently realized I could use it like a panini press...duh, what took me so long??? lol
    I just have a very small one so it doesn't get used as much as it did when I lived alone.
  • fitniknik
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    I actually tossed my George Foreman and got a Cuisinart Grill/Panini thinger. It has reversable plates and it can go totally flat open so you can do pancakes or whatever and it has a grease catcher. You can make anything you can think of (almost) on it!
  • Alexdur85
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    I love it for quick cooking. Usually chicken that I cut up and make fajitas (takes me less than 20 minutes to cook the meal) and grilled cheese for my girls. I'm sure I could use it for more but haven't gotten around to it yet.
  • I use mine as a panini press, too. Also great for grilling fish, chicken....anything. Mine is small so good for when everyone else is eating something not-so-great, I can fix my food on the grill and not have so much clean up.
  • KandieLantz
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    I have one and don't think I could live without it! I live out of a hotel all week for work. I am forced to eat out a lot and have gotten very good at ordering smart... but... it gets very old, so I cook EVERYTHING on my George Foreman Grill! Steam Veggies in the Microwave... and the slow cooker. If things are very busy, I eat from a restaurant, but love being able to cook for myself during the week as well. :)
  • I do and I love it!!!! I would be lost without it!
  • marz31
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    I've had about 5 GF grills, and after the last one died (got so worn out from overuse, daily if not multiple times a day use) I decided to try a Griddler, and I HATE IT HATE IT HATE IT! Sure the griddle part is nice and that the plates come off is nice, but the grill pans are terrible, it doesn't heat evenly...and the plates make my fingers black when I touch them! we need to get a new GF, just don't have the money right now.

    Bacon works amazingly well on there, doesn't really touch the top, but so much fat drips off, and so long as you don't put at the foot your bed, you won't burn your toes! But chicken and burgers and steaks, asparagus, grilled cheese, pork tenderloin.....you name it!
  • baisleac
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    Love mine!

    Best method for cooking bacon, ever! The grease drains off AND no splatter!

    We also use it for chicken, fish, steak (no outdoor grill, at the moment). It's a tilting type with removable plates, so it's also our waffle maker and grilled sandwich maker.
  • ukloveme
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    wow all these ideas, keep them coming.
  • koosdel
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    I have one. I must say, I hate it. It sucks the love right outa everything.