bringing sexy BACK

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Hopefully the pic shows up, photobucket usually hates me..

Before (March 2011) and current pic of my back :)

When I first started I didnt really care about muscles, I just wanted to lose weight.
NOW, I am in love with my muscles, and am so close to being able to meet my goal of doing an un-assisted pull up and chin up.
Its really hard sometimes to see my results day to day and week to week, but when I compare to where I started I can see all my hard work is really paying off!



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    Wow, that is incredible! You get to be my new inspiration. ;)
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    weiners!!!!!! hahaha. YOU my darling are nothing short of FABULOUS! amazing work, you are looking phenomenal. XOXO
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    freakin' awesome!!! you look wonderful!!!
  • Love this.. lookin' good!
  • AWSOME!!! I need your workout program!
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    Amazing & Lovely & Sexy Back:):) Congratulations on your hard work!! Healthy Journey!!
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    WOW! you look GREAT!!!

    You inspire me!!!
  • Sexy back indeed! :drinker:
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    thanks for the inspiration!! you look amazing, nice job :) (love the title also)
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    Great Job! Your muscles look nice.

    Ok so whats your workout routine?
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    Looking good! Very impressive.
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    You look beautiful!
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    You look amazing I wish I had your figure wow x
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    You look amazing! There is nothing better then a sexy back
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    AWESOME!!!!! and all in 8 months!!!!!!
  • great job !!! I see she is back !!!!
  • patssarah
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    :blushing: Thank you thank you everyone! I am very proud of my new muscles (and body)

    Holly- I love you and your weiner(s):smooched:

    Work out routine has changed a lot over the last several months, started out with not much strength training at all (I was scared I would get all big and bulky) :laugh:

    Then a few months ago I read an awesome book New Rules of Lifting for Women. And decided to give some of it a try.
    After a couple months my soft flabby back was gone, and replaced with awesome muscles!
    I lift heavy, my upper body has always been weak, so I make sure to hit my back&shoulders twice a week. and eat plenty of protein.
    Favorite back moves: Lat pull downs, rows, assisted pullups (soon to be unassisted) and deadlifts.
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    these are fantastic results of your hard work. great job!