Reese's pieces, Start-up Company, Late night's + Chairs

Hi all,

I've been on and off for months now. I've found every excuse to EXCUSE my weight gain. Long hours at a start-up company? Check. Sitting at a desk crunching numbers all day? Check. Late nights to make sure you hit the deadline? Check. Oh yeah, and chocolate? CHECK!!!

The weight started piling on, faster than I even noticed. Until one day I looked in the mirror and said "Wow this is me." So to excuse not having to control my addiction to things not nearly as IMPORTANT as my HEALTH, I made excuses for things.

1. My period is here = Reese's pieces for only THIS week (Uh...that didn't work) :huh:
2. Oh, I have to stay late so the boss know's I'm a hard worker = Lack of sleep (eh em, weight gain)
3. Long hours meeting deadlines = MORE FREAKING DEADLINES!!!!! (So then what?)
4. The CHAIR = Tummy Fat (But I love that damn chair) *** Not to mention on hardwood floors in the office...I rolled anywhere I could!

Then to compliment my long days being lazy and making excuses, I live with my sister and two kids = SNACK, CHOCOLATE, and MORE JUNK!

Then one day, after crying for hours every night. And cursing out the skinny girl sitting next to me on the train in my head :explode: (no offense skinny woman, I have a friend who is struggling at gaining weight :smile: ) I said ENOUGH!

I got to the office, turned on my computer and ordered a scale (213lbs was the diagnosis after it arrived).
Then purchased a mini fridge to store my own food (Uh, Because I thought the candy bowl at the office was lunch. No?)
I started tracking my food (still working on this)
Lastly, I actually went to the gym with the ($80 membership that was paying for itself)

I wrote all of this (will paste to blog) because it is my cry for help and support. I want to be healthy AND lose weight.
If your interested in a silly, quirky, pretty positive positive person (outside of my weight issues) then add me.

p.s. I've lost 4lbs so far 208.