Rewarding yourself

I was wondering what everyone does when they hit goals..or mini 10lbs..smaller jean size..etc :)

Before when I used to lose weight I'd buy a new pair of nice jeans for every size I I'm not sure what I'll do but I wanna do something exciting :)

What does everyone else do?


  • I am going to spoil myself at each 5kg drop, the first I want to get a really good Lancome or Elizabeth Arden face cream.
  • TheFitHooker
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    I really try not to buy clothes unless I just have nothing that fits anymore. I feel like if I buy clothes and really like them, I'll stop losing weight. I hate most my clothes right now so I'm pushing hard to buy new clothes lol.

    I set myself a goal each month, I started my diet September 22nd this year (this current diet, the 66lbs is a stretch over a year.) I reward myself with little things I want here and there. But I have also set me a reward for a mild stone. This month's goal has already been reached it had nothing to do with weight but to get into an outfit, the outfit is starting to get too lose on me, the top looks like it was draped over me, the pants fit me pretty good but the butt is starting to get loose on me. I can pull the pants out about a half of an inch from my belly, which means they are on the way of being too big. So I will reward myself with new jogging shoes this month.

    My mild stone goal is 165. I started out at 250, I had lost 70lbs last year, which put me at 180, I gained 25 back which put me at 205, I've lost 22lbs since then so I'm at 183. My ultimate goal weight is between 140-120 whatever looks best on me. So 165 is my mild stone, and when that is hit I have a really big reward waiting for me to go purchase. I love photography, I dab in it but I don't have the right equipment to really jump into it, so I'm getting a DSLR. I really plan to be there by the first of Jan.

    So basically that's how I do it. I really try to make all this into a game. My every day goal is to see the scale go down just a few ounces, I don't care if it's 1/4 of an ounce, it all adds up and when I see it, I get tickled pink :)
  • For every 5 lbs lost I buy a charm for my bracelet. My next "mini goal" is one that I am really struggling to reach so I have decided I will buy myself a Zumba shirt when I reach it to motivate me to get there...and the plan is to buy it so it just fits or is even a little tight so I can't gain any back if I want to wear it!!! :smile:
  • I'm holding off buying any new clothes other than sweatpants for a while. The mini-goals are set to 10 pounds, and with each goal met, the prize tends to get a little more luxurious. I play to go *kitten* out for a gift whenever I meet my WLG. I got a long road ahead of me so I'm sure it'll be worth it.

    For now, I generally stick to food items that I'm forbidden to eat or drink any other day of the week (i.e. Chinese buffet, beer, ice cream---yknow, the expensive kinds where people pretty it up for ya and stuff). Sometimes it can be something like a game, or maybe a new bag or something I would typically not choose to buy because of the price [So far it's only been stuff from Hottopic]
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    Treat yourself to a spa treatment instead of clothes. Once you have reached your goal then you can go out and buy a new outfit or a few items. What is the point in buying new clothes if you are going to get slimmer and they won't fit. I believe in rewarding yourself but for the mini-goals pick something like a pedicure or a manicure or a facial. They are small rewards that will keep you going until you reach the next goal.
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    How about a wrap dress? If it's adjustable enough, you can just tighten it as you lose weight. If I had money, I would be buying a couple of items, wrap dress included.
  • i_love_vinegar
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    I have been rewarding myself with new clothing/accessories as I go along (not for losing weight, but for resisting buying junk food instead of my diet food -- and I save a lot of money eating my diet food haha ^^).
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    I made my mini goals something that I needed and would last. I drop a pant size a month so new pair of jeans is a huge waste of money unless I'm at Goodwill.

    I've gotten some new eye shadow, foot scrub, nail polish, workout shoes, things like that. I have bought some new pieces when I've needed them, like sports bras and workout clothes when I can't find them at a 2nd hand store and considered that a reward.
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    My plan is a manicure for the first 5lb, pedicure after 10, then maybe a facial or massage as the total increases.
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    me too, buy smaller jeans! it's encouraging and makes u amazing! lol
  • I've been doing rewards (new jeans etc.) but I also think it's weird to reward myself for something that is a reward in itself: doing something good for my body.
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    My friend who used to work at American Eagle was telling me that if you buy their jeans and keep the reciept you can return them for a smaller size and there is a lifetime warranty. When my jeans don't fit anymore, I am going to do that so I don't have to waste money as I lose weight.
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    I buy workout clothes. First off I'm obsessed with them. And they usually keep fitting even after you lose weight if you buy them a little fitted. I also bought a pair of awesome pants but it's the size I want to be! And I keep them hanging up so I can see them everyday :)
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    My really big major reward for finally reaching my weight loss goal is to take a mini vacation to a sewing school in Portland, OR where I will learn to alter patterns to fit the new me. I'm looking forward to be able to make me new clothes. I used to love to sew for myself.

    For my little reward I think for every 5# I lose I'll buy me a skein of the really nice yarn I want for making a nice soft blanket for myself. It's puffy and a very rich purple. My goal is to lose 75# and I need 15 skeins for my blanket so it comes out perfect. Every time I snuggle under that blanket I will remember what it took me to earn it. :smile:
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    I have weekly goals that I set and if I meet them I'll buy me something small from the store (usually under $5) like a new shad of nail polish or that magazine I want. I also have mid-term goals (12 weeks). If I reach all of these, I am buying myself a new set of workout clothes. My reward once I reach my end goal is to get work done on my right sleeve. Since I'm on my last 10 pounds, my weekly goals are focused more on changing my eating habits and trying to make my workouts routine.

    I should mention that I am running my first 5K tomorrow and I am going to reward myself once if not twice. The first is to buy a new sport armband for my new android phone just for finishing the race. If I can finish the race around 37 min (this would be a 12 min/mile or 5 mph), I'm going to reward myself but I haven't decided how, leaning towards getting a mani/pedi. I refuse to reward myself with food (that would defeat the purpose).
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    I've told myself when I get halfway to my goal weight, I'll get a tattoo. I've always wanted one, but I'd always been so ashamed of my body that I kept it covered up! Once I feel more at ease with my body, I'm going to reward myself with that tat I've always wanted!
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    Yesterday I hit a new set of numbers on the scale. I went out for lunch and had chili cheese dogs and ice cream. I spent the night in the fetal position because my stomach was killing me. I used to eat that stuff all the time. I need to find a new reward system!!!
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    My friend who used to work at American Eagle was telling me that if you buy their jeans and keep the reciept you can return them for a smaller size and there is a lifetime warranty. When my jeans don't fit anymore, I am going to do that so I don't have to waste money as I lose weight.

    Oh that's good to know!! I should try that :)