the top im wearing in my pic....

xSophia19 Posts: 1,536 Member
is a size 14 (UK) from Newlook!! :bigsmile:

I went shopping yesterday and i came across this top whilst i was in Newlook, i looked at a size 14, and thought noooo thats no way going to fit (because Newlook are really stingy with their sizes!) soo anyway, i thought id give it go! I took a size 14 and a 16 to the fitting room, i first tried on the 16 - it was miles too big, and made me look alot bigger than what i actually am! I then tried the size 14 on. And OMG it fittted really nice and was still a little baggy!!! :bigsmile: I have not fitted in a size 14 top from Newlook in about 5 years!!! I have always been an 18 plus, and i could never ever shop in Newlook because there sizes are soo small!

Just thought id share this with everyone, as I am absolutley chuffed to bits!! Im soo proud of myself and soo is all my family and my close friends! I started my weightloss journey in january 2011, when i knew i had to do something about my weight!! and 11 months down the line im 39lbs lighter, and 2 clothe sizes smaller!!! (yes i know 39lbs isnt much in 11 months, but ive have 3 plateau's!)



  • sc1572
    sc1572 Posts: 2,309 Member
    yay!!!! congratulations! :flowerforyou:
  • hm_day
    hm_day Posts: 857 Member
    You look fabulous! Congratulations :)
  • AH2013
    AH2013 Posts: 385 Member
    Love!! Well done, makes you feel so good when that happens! Well done! :smile:
  • AEB_WV
    AEB_WV Posts: 323 Member
    Woo hoo! What a great feeling! and congrats : )
  • Swissmiss
    Swissmiss Posts: 8,754 Member
    Options do look great !!!!
  • BeautyFromPain
    BeautyFromPain Posts: 4,952 Member
    awesome work hun!!!! :) xo
  • Puffins1958
    Puffins1958 Posts: 614 Member
    Good for you, I'm sure that made your day. Keep up the good work, the shirt looks fantastic on you!!!!

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  • YMTaylor
    YMTaylor Posts: 230 Member
    39 pounds is fantastic...don't sell yourself short! I've been on my journey for two years and I've lost 52 pounds. We can't compare our loss to others or be in a race because then we'll get overwhelmed. Celebrate your victory and amazing accomplishment. :) Great job!
  • ShelleyD81
    ShelleyD81 Posts: 237 Member
    Congratulations, what an achievement! :)
  • KelCanDoThis
    KelCanDoThis Posts: 83 Member
    Dam right you should be proud, and who says 39lb in 11 months isnt good?? The fact that you have lost it is all that matters. I love New Look, and like you cannot wait to get into a size 14. I am into a 16 from once being 18+, and that feels good.

    Keep going, and always be proud of yourself, you have done great.

  • amymaria91
    39lb in 11 months! Sounds good to me!!!

    I live in the UK aswell so I know what you mean about New Look sizes, to fit into a 14 is my goal. You're an inspiration :smile:
  • candicole007
    candicole007 Posts: 120 Member
    Excellent Job! You look fabulous!
  • mcrae006
    mcrae006 Posts: 18 Member
    Great job. I am trying to get where you are. Thanks for sharing.
  • HeidiMightyRawr
    HeidiMightyRawr Posts: 3,343 Member
    Well done!! You should be proud :)
    I love New Look but I thought it was just me that thought their sizes were a bit small - glad to hear it's not!
  • MrsM1ggins
    MrsM1ggins Posts: 724 Member
    Congratulations! that's fantastic. Well done!
  • sarahoakden
    well done u :)
  • xSophia19
    xSophia19 Posts: 1,536 Member
    thankyou all!!!! :bigsmile:

    if any of you want some support and motivation feel free to add me :) x
  • SandraCmo
    Congratulations!!! I also started my weight loss in January 2011 and have lost 31 pounds and down from an 18 to 12. We can do this!! Again a great big CONGRATULATIONS!!!
  • gail4721
    gail4721 Posts: 75 Member
    CONGATULATIONS!!! Accept your weight loss and embrace it. Do not make it anything less than the success it is. (by saying it's only 39lbs not much in 11 months) Get that negativity right out of your head and keep going forward! You are amazing and have an amazing,l healthy weight loss. Plateaus happen and everyone loses at their own pace. Do not shine negativitly on them. YOU did an amazing thing and should be so proud. We are proud of you. Enjoy the new size and the new look...amazing!
  • lolainlondon
    lolainlondon Posts: 160 Member
    Well done! And I agree with everyone else. Don't put 40lbs down as "only" 40lbs. That's the same as this inflatable kayak:

    or this fish

    [img] from Bubacque.jpg[/img]
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