How realistic is your goal weight?

Hiya MFPers,

When I set my goal weight here, I didn't choose the number that I was really hoping to reach (185). I set one that I thought might be tough to reach, but was still doable (190). Now that I'm two-thirds of the way towards that 190, I'm wondering if I should change that goal weight to the 185 that I'm really hoping to reach. I'm sure if I reach 190, I'll adjust it to 185 at that point, but am considering doing it sooner.

But in the meantime, I'm just curious how realistic or unrealistic people are with setting their goal weights. Did you set it to where you really wanna be, or where you realistically thought you could get?

Thoughts, anyone?

Thanks, and happy MFPing! :)


  • ElizabethRoad
    ElizabethRoad Posts: 5,138 Member
    My goal weight is 140 (I'm 5'7"). I chose the goal based on it being the weight where I felt and looked best in the past. So I think it is reasonable.
  • SergeantSunshine_reused
    I set mine where I thought i would be perfect: 120 lbs. Im not 121 lbs with a new goal of 115-110 xD realistic i say!
  • TheKitsune6
    TheKitsune6 Posts: 5,798 Member
    I set my goal to 120, which is intentionally low, that way if I get to 130 and I love my body I'll be able to switch to maintenance early, rather than be disappointed that I'm going to have to diet more :)
  • tjnahm
    tjnahm Posts: 73 Member
    My goal weight is set at 225... the weight I played minor league hockey and pro inline hockey. I won't be the same build at 41 as I was at 21 at that weight... but I am shooting for the same target weight.
  • purpleipod
    purpleipod Posts: 1,147 Member
    Mine is where I want to be and in my mind at least, something that would be easy to maintain (130). I'm only 5'3 and I have a very small frame, so I'd still have meat on my bones.
  • Rae6503
    Rae6503 Posts: 6,294 Member
    My weight goal is based on my body fat percentage goal. I calculated it. At 150lbs I was 25% body fat. To get to 20% body fat I'd have to get to about 140 if I didn't lose any muscle at all, but you away do lose a little bit of muscle..... So instead I decided to gain muscle first, then worry about reaching my goal body fat percentage.
  • tikikris
    tikikris Posts: 81 Member
    I'm 5'7" and mine is 136 (at 136.5 right now) but I will probably adjust my goal weight eventually to 132. I agree that it's important to set achievable goals at first!
    JDNOX Posts: 619
    I sent mine to what I am okay with and figured if and when i make that if i want to try for my Ideal weight for myself I will do that. I figured smaller goals will make me feel that I am getting somewhere instead of chasing down one. Focus on winning the battles and you will win the war type of deal.
  • sjcply
    sjcply Posts: 817 Member
    I set a goal weight, then when I hit it....I set another one! I am 2 lbs from my second one. After I got to my first one I realized that I could lose more! I am really focusing on body fat % now more than pounds!
    I think no matter when or what goal we get we can all strive to be better! For me this is a lifestyle change not just a temporary diet, like it has been the majority of my life!
  • hannahbellelechter
    Mine is 125. I weighed around there about a year ago and looked/felt amazing. That's perfect for 5'2".
  • fteale
    fteale Posts: 5,310 Member
    You just have to be flexible about your goal. Mine has changed repeatedly along the way as I have changed. I am 10lbs under my original goal weight now, and am happy enough to stay here, but just be aware that you change along with your body, so you just have to decide what's right for you when you get there.
  • Lyadeia
    Lyadeia Posts: 4,603 Member
    I have mine set at 115 pounds. I am very small framed, though. At the smallest I ever was, I weighed 126 pounds and wore size 6 clothes. I still had 22% body fat. My "real" goal is to get down to 16-17% body fat, so I am just assuming that I will weigh around 115. Of course, if I happen to weigh 130 pounds and yet meet my body fat goal, that's fine with me! My goal is more of a look and a size than a number on the scale. I changed my mind about the scale weight when this year, I hit 149 pounds...yet was wearing size 10 at the most...whereas the last time I weighed that much, I was wearing a size 14. So body fat % is much more important to me.
  • vwbug86
    vwbug86 Posts: 283 Member
    I set mine so I am just at a "normal" weight for my BMI, but I want to see when I get there if I can lose 10 or 15 more lbs.
  • vim_n_vigor
    vim_n_vigor Posts: 4,089 Member
    My goal isn't actually a number on the scale. I picked a weight that I thought might be close to the size I would like to be. I will reevaluate as I get close.
  • JoDeeD
    JoDeeD Posts: 391
    I set mine for what I was after giving birth to my first child. That was when I was healthiest and felt my best. It is also right in the middle of the "weight range" for a healthy BMI for my height.
  • Peep_chic
    Peep_chic Posts: 369 Member
    My goal was 120 and after I reached it I lost more down to 113. I'm 5'2. I used to be a 110 in high school but a size 5. And this time around with exercise I was 113 and size between 3 & 4. I was happy with that outcome. I'm pregnant now. But I'm planning to go back to size 4 :wink: again.
  • Hayesgang
    I originally set my at 150 (5'8" - 42 yrs), changed it to 145 (just met that) and decided to go to 140. I think I look good at 145 however there is some jiggle in my wiggle that I'd like to change, so we'll see how 140 looks (along with lifting).
  • honeysprinkles
    honeysprinkles Posts: 1,757 Member
    My first goal, 135 lbs by June, I know is reasonable...if not by June then eventually. At 5'6" 135 lbs is not unrealistic for me. But, once I get there, I'll see if I can get smaller. I used to be 125lbs but I wasn't in shape and I'd like to be toned this time. I know what I want to look like in my head but I don't know how much weight that will be, so I plan to meet 135 and then re-evaluate.
  • homeport51
    homeport51 Posts: 198 Member
    I originally set my goal weight 15 lbs. higher than what it is now. My goal is to be a healthy BMI and out of obese. For my height 135 is the high side of healthy, so I am using that.
  • jill___
    jill___ Posts: 188 Member
    My goal is the highest "healthy" BMI weight for my height. I also have a lot of "mini goals" so that I am constantly meeting goals to stay motivated.