Carbs: how to identfiy them, or what the heck are they?

This may be the silliest question ever, but what are Carbs? Are there good Carbs and bad Carbs? What foods are low in Carbs?
My Carbs are in the major red today but I'm not sure how to lower them except to eat less of them ( of course!) which brings me too: what the heck are they?


  • MummyOfSeven
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    Pasta, rice, potatoes, etc. Think of the foods that you consider 'stodgy'.
  • LuckyLeprechaun
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    or fruit, or sugar.

    Carbs aren't god or bad, they're just pretty dense, calorically. So many people limit them because they can use up your calories in a hurry.

    At the end of the day, your net calories matter more than getting all the macros perfect.
  • ashnm88
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    Everything you need to know about carbs. I found it very helpful.
  • daybyday
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  • HMonsterX
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    To me, carbs are just a vessel that contains calories. As long as i track my calories, I'm good :)
  • ATT949
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    Sounds like a course in basic nutrition would be helpful.

    Even a little bit of time spent learning about nutrition will pay off — afterall, you're going to be eating for the rest of your life. Why not gets some smarts on what happens?
  • Thanks all! And that is true, I definitely need to learn more about nutrition, very good advice.
    I am learning as I go!