Fit after 50!

Starting this group for people over 50 (or closing in on it) that need to lose a significant amount if weight so we can support each other with commons goals and challenges.

Tell us your story. Let's get this party started!


  • Buddhaboy
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    53 last month...and 80 pounds lighter
    Never felt better
  • 50 and lost 79 and feel like I am 25 again!
  • sunrise611
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    I'll be 50 in May and hope to lose 34 pounds by the time I get there. I've lost 20 pounds so far.
  • groomchick
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    I'm with you Samantha. I have fought my weight and fitness all my life. Sometimes I have kept it off for many years other times put it right back on. For me the key is to continue journaling forever. It must be a habit for me like brushing my teeth!
  • Turned 51 in July. I lost from 160 to 144 my first time on MFP - this year. I got tired of dieting and stopped doing MFP. Gained almost all the weight back - YUCK! Now I'm back on MFP and I'm eager to lose this weight. My goal weight is 130. Yesterday was my 7 year wedding anniversary and I weighed 130 when I got married. I want to turn up the speed dial and get this weight off now.....
  • annemckee
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    I'm 55. Have lost 18lbs - 10 since joining MFP and 8 before. I'd like to lose another 35 - 40 but we'll see. Am in for the long haul though.
  • Dadof8
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    56 – Just diagnosed w/ type two diabetes about three months ago. I’ve got the blood sugars under control now I’m working on the weight. A friend showed me MFP a week ago and I’m giving it a shot. I like the database of foods to help track calories and the app for my smart phone, it turns my camera into a bar code reader so I can check things out easier.
  • debdptg
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    I am 52 and have a lot of weight to lose. I am on MFP to learn a new lifestyle, not to diet and then go back to what I was doing before. I have trouble with the motivation at times, but find the camaraderie and information to be a great benefit for me. So, back on the wagon I go...
  • samantha1953
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    Created by - Free Calorie Counter

    I was very active up until I was almost 40 when I had some major surgery. Recovered completely but missed a year of my sports and activities. Remarried a year later to a wonderful man who likes to eat. He's in pretty good shape being a past runner and swimmer so he battles 15 lbs periodically. Ahhhhh, 15 lbs....I can gain that looking at food. Needless to say, I cook for him and like what I cook and eat way too much.

    I lost 65 lbs back in 2002-03 and felt wonderful. My mom got sick, I lost a job and stresses built up and the weight creeped back on. I now battle A-fib, arthritis and systemic cramping and am once again unemployed. Blasted economy!

    I am thankful I have normal BP, sugar and cholesterol but if I don't take control now how long will that last?

    I find I do well by tracking my food and just plain paying attention!

    Welcome everyone. May we all do well.

    First realistic goal for me is 10 lbs by Christmas. Maybe more but that is the official goal for me.
  • swimmer54
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    Hi to everyone joining the group. I am 57, have lost about 30 pounds this year, then put about 10 of it back on. I want to lose close to 100 pounds. Well, I'd probably be thrilled with 50. lol. I have struggled to overcome some health obstacles which began to show up in 2006 but am much better now thanks to the help of a personal trainer. It has been hard for me to be consistent with my food plan since about April, coincidentally about the time I started exercising a lot. For me personally, exercise is important in order to feel good, but I can only lose weight by controlling my food. Today I was eating some very healthy food here at home and it was so delicious I wondered why in the world I would want to eat any other way.

    In the past I've been sort of a 20 pounder, losing 20 pounds and then putting it back on. I really want to break through that barrier and get down to my ideal weight. It's kind of hard to believe in the possibility, since I've failed at it so many times over the last 20 years. However, I see from reading about others on this site that it is possible. If it's possible for so many others, I know it's possible for me. That's why I keep coming back here, especially when I'm struggling.

    Please feel free to add me as a friend if you think we can inspire each other. Best of luck to all of you! Mary
  • debdptg
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    First realistic goal for me is 10 lbs by Christmas. Maybe more but that is the official goal for me.

    Hey! I'll join you in that challenge - maybe it will help keep me on track during the holidays. I just barely made it through Halloween with all that damn cute candy (if it is in a small enough package, it doesn't have any calories, right?)
  • jaabee11
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    Sounds great, fit after 50. Bring it on.
  • Katbaran
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    I'm 54 and I've lost 92 pounds in the last 2 years or so. I still have about 75 to go. I have one new knee and will be getting another one at the beginning of 2012. Then, the exercise is ON!!!!
  • jaabee11
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    When my cholesterol was getting high i was put on tablets. I read up a bit and decided to start having porridge for breaky. You can get some yummy flavoured ones that are still reasonable calories. It worked, cholesterol started dropping and because its low GI you feel full longer. I am off the cholesterol tablets and working on the blood pressure one now. It will happen.

    Try good old fashioned porridge, it works.
  • I am 55 and lost 21 with maybe 10-15 to go!! It would be nice to have an over 50 group. I am going through peri-menopause. It started in June when I had an ovary removed. flashes stink! :flowerforyou:
  • :heart: I'm 58 and had a pacemaker put in this past March. I've lost about 30 lbs. since then, but would like to lose another 30. It seems that the older I am getting the slower the weight loss is. I wish I knew how to speed it up. I don't go to gym or do anything but exercise at home, and not real consistent with it. Any other heart patients out there, maybe we can support each other!
  • I'm on the front side of 60 (will be 58 in February). I am the fattest person in my family, and I have battled weight issues my entire life. I have done the yo-yo stuff...twice in my life I have managed to lose 40-ish pounds, but then it came right back on with a vengeance, and added a few more.

    My doc is on my case all the time, and rightly so, but it's tough losing weight. I used to tell myself that I just had a slow metabolism, that it was menopause (and hormonal), but in reality, I just don't eat right. Funny thing is, though, I don't eat a lot...I really don't. I don't eat heaping plates of food, or gorge on cookies or brownies (well, not very often anyway). My biggest weakness is Pepsi...regular, or in slushie form.

    I have a friend and colleague at my workplace, and she is doing VERY WELL. She is a few years older, so that gives me hope that I can lose the weight and get back into shape.

    Compared to some, I don't have a lot to lose, but it's a lot for me...I could easily drop 40 and not blow away in the wind. I'm hoping that this time, I'll be dedicated enough to make it work.
  • Dadof8
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    My down fall is, strike that, was Coke. I used to go through 3, 20oz bottles a day. In Michigan we have a .10 deposit on containers and I have ~$15.00 worth in my cube that I need to take back. I had 1 20 oz. last Saturday and a 12 oz can Monday, I'm cutting back. Good luck.
  • Hi Everyone: I hope to visit this forum often -- thank you for starting it! I started gaining weight 5 years ago (to the tune of 60 pounds) and now I'm 50. I was able to lose 10 pounds since January but it's the end of November and I need to step it up! What type of exercise is the most effective at our age for beginners? :happy:

    My daughter turned me on to this site and I'm loving it...can't wait to meet you all :).
  • Hi All,

    I would like to join this group also. I am soon to be 52! I am very short so even a few extra pounds make me look heavy! I January we had a weight loss contest at work and by May I had lost 35 Lbs. I joined a fitness center and as of last week I am down over 65 LBs. I have about 10-15 lbs to go but I am losing more inches than lbs these days so that is even better. The scale is not the true goal.

    In September I also quit a 40 year smoking habit:) That was and is still hard! but I will make it. On Dec 13 th I will celebrate my 1 year Anniversary of Alcohol Sobriety so I have to say 2011 has been a very busy year for me.

    I feel better now than I have in 20 years so I am truly getting Fit after 50:)