50ish lbs down, with pics



  • My word, you did a great job! I'm astounded, you did this good! I'd realy love to know how I can lose 22 kilos.
  • LexieL39
    LexieL39 Posts: 21 Member
    Great work, you look fantastic.
  • This is awesome! You look amazing :) You are beautiful to begin with, and in the after picture you look absolutely stunning! Truly an inspiration. Thank you for sharing :)
  • ritzl
    ritzl Posts: 51
  • Amazing job! Woo-Hoo! You look incredible! Thanks for inspiring me!
  • abbie017
    abbie017 Posts: 410
    You look incredible! Congratulaions!!!
  • Good job....on my way to success too...
  • nadiB
    nadiB Posts: 283 Member
    :smile: Well done, you look amazing!
  • mauck7
    mauck7 Posts: 74
    You look gorgeous. What a fantastic job you have done! Your an inspiration. <3
  • froggzy1015
    froggzy1015 Posts: 178 Member
    Hot mama, watch out! I'm so proud of you and so happy we are pals here on MFP! You are a super motivator and I couldn't have worked my butt off without your support! You are knocking them off like hotcakes and you will be at your goal in no time! Congrats Lisa!!!
  • xginanax
    xginanax Posts: 333 Member
    WOOOW GIRLIE!! cONGRATZ! you look GREAT!~!! :)
  • LisaM_9
    LisaM_9 Posts: 75 Member
    Really Impressed!!! I can only hope that I can look that good when I get there... Thank you for sharing!
  • ecmcnamee
    ecmcnamee Posts: 317 Member
    I couldn't wait to get to work to see these!! You look AWESOME!! I'm so proud of you!!!
  • swtgrl42
    swtgrl42 Posts: 108 Member
    WOW! you look amazing, great job. Thanks for sharing, very inspirational to me who is at the beginning of my journey. Good Luck on the last 14#
  • NovemberJune
    NovemberJune Posts: 2,525 Member
    WOW congrats! :)
  • 24man
    24man Posts: 58
    Wonderful, amazing transformation in half a year.
  • cmon288
    cmon288 Posts: 173 Member
    You look so sassy and confident - congratulations !!

    I agree! Congrats hun!
  • sd101483
    sd101483 Posts: 419 Member
    Yowsa, hot momma! CHA! CHA! :) Lisa, you look fantastic and you are doing an amazing job! I'm glad to call you a friend! :)
  • erica714
    erica714 Posts: 48 Member
    Amazing!!!!! :happy:
  • You are looking smoking lady! So proud of you! Keep up the hard work!
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