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  • Skinnier_MeSkinnier_Me Posts: 341Member Member Posts: 341Member Member
    Aw thanks Kim!

    I'm sending you a request now Adrianne =)
  • phrn255phrn255 Posts: 39Member Posts: 39Member

    You're completely right. When you starve yourself, you put your body into a defense is afraid to use up it's fat stores because it's afraid you won't feed it and it'll need them, so you notice that you don't tend to lose. I've worked in Emergency Medicine for twelve years and I don't get to eat very regularly and tend to be up for 20-30 hours at a time so my food diary is over my allowed calories about 3 days a week. I guess when you're up for 24 hours, you've gotta eat more than 1200 cal. lol I've still managed to maintain or lose by having my cheat day once a week and not starving myself. Congrats on the loss!!!

  • bigdane321bigdane321 Posts: 233Member Member Posts: 233Member Member
    MY six shooter is slowing down. Time to switch it up again. You know switching up my food intake has made my diet fun I'm so not bored yet.
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