Six Months to ONEderland/Halfway Point (pic)

I started this healthy lifestyle journey with a lot more than three strikes against me. I started this journey with at least half a dozen really good excuses in my mind of how it wasn't going to work and how it wasn't going to even be my fault. I'm an eternal optimist tho, so I confess to also starting this believing I could somehow find a way to succeed. But here I am! Halfway to goal already!!

When I started, I had such a sedentary lifestyle that my feet hurt so bad I could hardly walk if I was on them for any length of time (more than half an hour!) A day out shopping always led to intense foot pain and a night with my feet up, aching and swollen. How can I work out with feet like this?

I started this after noticing that I could hardly breathe, or move, or get down on the floor and get back up... I noticed I was starting to move less and less because it was just getting too hard. I even avoided sitting down because the thought of getting back up just wasn't appealing to me... or my knees!

I started this after spending nearly six months mostly in bed because my feet had taken to turning all manner of shades from blue to purple and finally to black, which unbeknownst to me, my heart arrhythmia drug was actually causing. I went out and did things now and then during this time, but if I didn't have to be somewhere I was in bed with my feet up. I couldn't even sit at my desk and work on things during the worst of it. I even got a painful "foot infection" in my foot that was treated at ER, but most likely was not infections at all, it was probably gout, as it turns out. Around when I started MFP was the same day I switched arrhythmia medicine and the black feet went away and didn't come back. About a week later I got classic gout in my other foot, but after a few days it went away and hasn't been back either.

When I started I was over 50. A lot of experts agree that losing weight after 50 is really almost impossible for women. I think I've even read that in a magazine or two.

When I started I had had a hysterectomy the year before, and well... everybody knows if you've had a hysterectomy, you're probably going to gain weight, right? Everybody says so!

When I started this my thyroid had not been functioning properly for 15 years and I was taking a synthetic thyroid replacement tablet at about half the therapeutic dose because the full dose could cause my heart arrhythmia to trigger a defibrillator shock that could cause tissue damage and burns because I have a very powerful ICD designed to work the first time it fires.

When I started this I had had a defibrillator implanted into my chest the year before to restart my heart in case an arrhythmia developed into sudden cardiac arrest because I have a genetic condition called hypertrophic cardiomyopathy that can result in the heart beat becoming disorganized and confused and suddenly stopping.

And just yesterday I got a bad biopsy back - and have yet another incurable illness to manage for life added to my plate. I was feeling pretty sorry for myself, so I sure didn't expect to reach ONEderland on such a low note as all that!

Oh - I'm an ex-smoker too - 12 years now!! And everyone knows ex-smokers gain weight - excuse number... what are we up to now? LOTS of excuses, eh?

Still - in my opinion, the combination of calorie counting, cardio workouts and strength training can bust up ANY excuse you can throw at it. Maybe not at the speed of a bullet but the tortoise catches the hare when it comes to weight loss and the tortoise is a lot more stable and steady along the way. Just call me Tortoise Deedee!

My MFP friends have really stuck by me... so many of them beat me into ONEderland that I was actually afraid they'd think I was not trying hard enough and drop me! LOL! But no - they've stuck by me when I really needed it, and I will always remember that and continue to need it on the second half of this journey to health and fitness (and skinny jeans, LOL!) Love you guys :)



  • directorj
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    good progress! you look younger too
  • TriumphNow
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  • cantjustcant
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    I absolutely love you! You are always the first person to say great job and to pick someone up when they are down! I know some of what you have been going through the past couple months with onederland. I am so happy to be around when you crossed the bridge!

    Now let's get kandrews' butt in here!
  • 12skipafew99100
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    Congratualtions on reaching Onderland!! Hang in there, you're doing great! (sorry about your biopsy)
  • tdaddybarlow
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    First let me say that I had no clue that you were 53. You look amazing! Secondly, my original intention was to skim this post and not really read anything...boy am I glad I read it because I know a person who suffer with a number of health issues and just flat out refuses to get moving. You are a true inspiration and I will be sharing this post with her!!! Thanks again and keep doing it big, Killer!
  • vinylscratch
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    You look fantastic! I'll be joining you in ONEderland soon!! Great job girl!!
  • vinylscratch
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    You look fantastic! I'll be joining you in ONEderland soon!! Great job girl!!
  • kandrews24
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    I relate to much of your story (painful feet, out of breath). Seemed as though I had to hit bottom too before I started to turn things around. YOU LOOK FABULOUS and I'm so happy for you!!!! I'll be joining you in a jiffy! Keep up the great work.
  • talrcat
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    You are such an inspiration, DeeDee! I can imagine the more "strikes" against you just got your back up! That determination to succeed against any odds is such an important attitude in getting healthy. One I have to remind myself-sometimes not just daily, but hourly or minute-by-minute, to keep foremost in my mind. Hugs, Tami
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    Awesomeness! You are so strong! Whatta woman - The more you take care of yourself and focus on the journey ahead not the probelms behind, the better you will feel. Glad you are feeling better and kickin' this dragons butt!
  • Wow....very inspiring story!!! And I'm almost positive you got your age wrong :tongue: !!! You can't possibly be over 50 or anywhere close to 50 for that matter!!! You look fabulous! Thanks for sharing!!!
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    Congratulations! You look fabulous!

    Gout is hideous. You are an inspiration!
  • MochaBlues
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    You have an Amazing story, and you are soo inspiring!! But what I can't get over is the fact that you're OVER 50??? You darn sure don't look any way near 50! *WOW* You look AWESOME! Congrats on your journey thus far :drinker: :drinker:
  • New to this. What's ONEderland?
  • MsKekeSoFocused
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    That's awesome!!! Keep up the great work!!!
  • Elleinnz
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    Dee you are such and inspiration and poster girl for "no excuses - just make it happen!!".... I am doing the booty dance for you getting to one-derland - awesome job lady....

    And you are such a wonderful pal to everyone else here on MFP :-)
  • karenleona
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    Congrat on getting to onederland!!!! You look fabulous and healthy. Women over 50 can't lose weight on their own???? who said that???
  • Congrats....You look fantastic!
  • vickyplum
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    your a great support and you aways have a good word to say if one of us is feeling down
    and hope we can do and keep doing the same for you
    you are an amazing person and an insperation

    you deserve to be in rock

    keep up the great work
    Vicky xxxxxxxx:flowerforyou:
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    Darling, you look MARVELOUS! You sure don't look like you are over 50. Congrats on this important milestone. I hope to be joining you there in early February.