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Who will stay



  • julieofthewolvesjulieofthewolves Posts: 339Member Member Posts: 339Member Member
    I think if I don't stay I will start to get a bit cocky with my eating. So, I may not be faithful, but I will check in. Besides that, I love 'chatting' with this group of folks. I have never done a myspace or a chat site or anything of the sort, but this has been really worthwhile for me.
  • bigdane321bigdane321 Posts: 233Member Member Posts: 233Member Member
    I've still got 50 pounds to go. Thanks for sticking around. Familiar faces and user names are very comforting. Keep it up get it off!!!
  • sturge161sturge161 Posts: 37Member Member Posts: 37Member Member
    I agree it is nice to see the same names day after day. I plan on staying at the site once I reach my goal as well. I need to keep reminding myself that moderation is key.
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