What's Your Occupation



  • LuckyLeprechaun
    LuckyLeprechaun Posts: 6,297 Member
    teacher, teacher.

    Easy since I love my job :)
  • StizzyP
    StizzyP Posts: 16 Member
    Occupation: Game Designer
    Dream Job: Game Designer

    Do not give up on you dreams, because they can and sometimes do become reality. But you have to make it happen.
  • lunglady
    lunglady Posts: 526 Member
    Occupation: Physician
    Dream Job: Physician
  • mcchap
    mcchap Posts: 26 Member
    Current job: Physiotherapist

    Dream job: Physiotherapist. I love my job.
  • cclark1203
    cclark1203 Posts: 244 Member
    Occupation: Recently Unemployment Administrative Assistant

    Dream Job: Nutritionist
  • Emme727
    Emme727 Posts: 92 Member
    Current job: online professor of graphic design, farmer, and professional baker (the restaurant just closed, however)...
    Dream job: own a bakery/cafe, farmer
  • Elzecat
    Elzecat Posts: 2,916 Member
    Occupation: Legal researcher/technical writer for an industrial hygiene firm
    Dream Job: Rock music photographer
  • eillamarie
    eillamarie Posts: 862 Member
    Current Job: special needs adults
    Dream Job: being contracted out privately and publicly to design, implement, supervise, and run individual and group recreation and leisure activities for ppl with disabilities & coaching swimming on the side. Setting my own hours baby!!
  • Huffdogg
    Huffdogg Posts: 1,963 Member
    Occupation: Union Ironworker local 395

    Dream Job: Full-Time Novelist
  • Occupation:Substitute teacher
    Dream Job: Working with MD students, helping them reach their full potential.
  • justle
    justle Posts: 275 Member
    Current Occupation: Domiciliary Carer

    Dream Job: Midwife
  • mmuzzatti
    mmuzzatti Posts: 710 Member
    Occupation: Dit it! Retired Police Officer (That was my dream job!)

    Dream Job: Doing it...made it to retirement!
  • thpeek
    thpeek Posts: 76
    Currently: Travel Agent
    Dream Job: Travel Writer
  • Occupation: Civil Engineer (Roadway/Highway Design), full-time
    Working toward: Master of Engineering Management, part-time

    Dream Job: Leading a great company (mine or otherwise) to success (CEO, COO or some other similar position)
  • happygolucks
    happygolucks Posts: 2 Member
    Job: Biomedical Engineer

    Dream Job: Surgeon
  • annejuju
    annejuju Posts: 111 Member
    Occupation: Currently I'm in between (took a few months off to finish my BA and move) but I was working with children diagnosed with autism using empirically based methods. Starting in January: an Instructional Aide for children with special needs in the school district and/or working with children diagnosed with autism using empirically based methods for a company not associated with a college like my previous one =)

    Dream Job: Behavior Analyst - supervising cases, working with schools, working with children with food selectivity
  • Bella1hud
    Bella1hud Posts: 530 Member
    Current Job: I work with youth who have a developmental disability, who are aging out from the Child Wefare system at 18 but continue to need support so must switch over to another service system. I work with both systems as well as the government funders to help the young person navigate the waters of change as smoothly as possible as they move into life as a young adult. I am not puting my job title as my job is a created position so noobody would know what it is lol. The job doesn't sound very exciting on paper but Ilove, love, love my job and I beleive it is what God called me to do with my life.

    Dream Job: I am happy to continue in my current job until it is time to retire, however my true dream would be for children to never have to go into the care of children's services and to have positive family support thoughout their lives. I would be pleased to not have a job if there was no need for my role! If that were the case, I would be happy to work with plants in a greenhouse lol
  • JeSuisPrest
    JeSuisPrest Posts: 2,009 Member
    Job...Full time mom, part time Pre-K teacher (love what I do!)

    Dream Job......have no idea. Being a mom was all I ever wanted, became a pre-k teacher thinking it would never last, turns out to be something I love.
  • Occupation: Paramedic

    Dream Job: Paramedic

  • Momkat65
    Momkat65 Posts: 317 Member
    Current: Dental Assistant
    Dream Job: Internet Surfer (surf board= recliner....lol)