Bally Exercise Ball - burst risk?

Did your exercise ball come with a measuring tape to show how large it should be when it's fully inflated? Mine burst when it was at least 5 inches UNDER being properly inflated, with no weight even on it.

The replacement ball is looking tight now too but it's still way under inflated. I think I have lost my nerve to even think about using it at this point. It's not inflated to proper size and I'm scared to inflate it further and burst another one.

Feeling a bit stuck.

Please tell me your experiences with these fitness balls?



  • AshDHart
    AshDHart Posts: 818 Member
    I've never had one burst except during a move and something poked it. Other than that I have had the two without a problem and fully inflated.
  • SophieJR
    SophieJR Posts: 13 Member
    i have one its would be considered under flatted if it was to the mesuring tape. but it was the fullest i could put it and when i sat on it it didnt even flatten out out all so i took air out i dont think its a big deal being under. the intructions in the video that goes with it explains better on the amount of air you put in.
  • cantjustcant
    cantjustcant Posts: 1,027 Member have lost 35 pounds and just entered onederland! You new and improved BONEY BUTT popped it! One of those things you are going to have to deal with now that you are a sexy mama!

  • talrcat
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    Hahahaha... I can't wait for the day that someone tells me that my bony butt did ANYTHING.... How old was the ball? If new=defective, if old maybe the material was dried up/no longer flexible. I would like to know as I have a ball I was thinking of using, but it is 12 years old. Maybe I should chuck it?
    Congrats on onederland! Hugs, Tami
  • My only experience with an exercise ball bursting was when my son decided to balance the cat on it. Cat's claws WILL pop an exercise ball. I only used it once, :sad:
  • shellyc7182
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    Mine is a different brand, but the instructions that came with mine indicated to air it up only about 70-80% of the way, then let it rest for an hour. The rubber/material has to have a chance to expand and adjust to the air temperature. Then it was good to finish airing up. It has held up beautifully!