Kinect as an exercise ?

Have you ever used kinect as an exercise ?
If yes what do you think of it and what games you like the most ?
If no why?

In 2 weeks its going to be my birthday :happy: i asked my parents for kinect , and from my sister games to it :bigsmile: but i dont know what games i should get :ohwell:


  • msundrstd1
    msundrstd1 Posts: 27 Member
    My husband and I played for the first time last night. I really enjoyed Dance Central. I like to dance, and I was able to work up a sweat. The kinect sports and kinect adventures also get your heart rate going.
  • utes09
    utes09 Posts: 561 Member
    I recently got Zumba Fitness for the Wii and I count it as exercise. I wear my HRM and burn close to as many calories as I do when I exercise to the video. If you work hard you can break quite a sweat!
  • zarra76
    zarra76 Posts: 2 Member
    Ive tried that too and also Zumba is very good and it shows you the calories burnt
  • MamaDee2
    MamaDee2 Posts: 843 Member
    Yes I use my kinect games and zumba as exercise. I wear an HRM so I know what I have burned. It is a fun way to burn calories and if it is fun I am more likely to do it! I have zumba and actually the new adventure game that comes with it it fun and burns quiet a few calories. We also have the sports one and two. I just mix it up. I want a Just Dance and the fitness evolved too.
  • Yes, Dance cental 1 & 2 are good. The UFC personal trainer, and Your fitness evolved 2012 are also good. I use my heartrate monitor track my burns.
  • tingtawn
    tingtawn Posts: 59 Member
    Hi :)
    i have kinect and have found that dance central and kinect sports work pretty well for exercise. u can work up quite a sweat if u put full effort into it. its also a fun way to burn some calories!