girls favorite muscle on a guy



  • Arms and Abs *drool*
  • The Brain.

    A man with lots of muscles but no brain is not sexy at all. Pick up a book once in awhile or watch the news at least.
  • Contrary03
    Contrary03 Posts: 289 Member
    Love broad, muscular shoulders:love:
  • Just one ? All.. Love a muscular man. Yummy. :bigsmile:
  • cgrout78
    cgrout78 Posts: 1,679 Member
    The Brain.

    A man with lots of muscles but no brain is not sexy at all. Pick up a book once in awhile or watch the news at least.

    That's true...a pretty body only goes so far.
  • _itsB_
    _itsB_ Posts: 44 Member
    definitely shoulders :)
  • becoming_a_new_me
    becoming_a_new_me Posts: 1,860 Member
    The happy trail! (from the top of the abs to....well you get the idea)
  • scs143
    scs143 Posts: 2,190 Member
    shoulders, biceps, chests and back! I don't care if you don't have a six pack.
  • Demwitted
    Demwitted Posts: 163
    That is a tough question.

    My guy has really nice muscular legs, arms, shoulders and chest, but I have to say that gripping his bicep probably turns me on the most. On the other hand, he's a very nice balance muscle-wise. He's a swimmer, so he really works out his whole body.
  • CourteneyLove
    CourteneyLove Posts: 246 Member
    CALVES OMG. some like arms, some like abs.. but as for me I LOVE CALVES!
  • capaxinfiniti
    capaxinfiniti Posts: 367 Member
    I love biceps!

    And a nice butt is nice as well :blushing:
  • I know it's odd, but big calves are a MAJOR turn on to me!
  • mochalovies
    mochalovies Posts: 192 Member
    i like that little "v" thing going on at the when your boxers are riding low...ummm yeah...LOL

    little 'v' = slurred speech, staggering gait, poor judgment, and locomotion

    mmmhmmm :smokin:
  • UponThisRock
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    LOL, "the v" is not a muscle, it's a tendon.
  • galegetsthin
    galegetsthin Posts: 1,352 Member
    The "V" and backs. I LOVE a strong back. Not too muscular, but strong and solid. I love to hug a man and feel the back, and looking at it as he gets out of bed makes me want to drag him back into bed!!!!! *DROOL* Thanks, now I am completely distracted at work. :love:
  • juliecat1
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    Putting all my dirty comments aside.... sigh....

    Arms and shoulders. But - it cant be off balance. You know those guys at the gym that are huge up top with those scrawny legs. Thats NOT hot
  • LauraSmyth28
    LauraSmyth28 Posts: 399 Member
    Biceps and broad shoulders. *swoon*

    My boyfriend has amazing shoulders. They were the first things I noticed :heart:
  • MyFeistyEvolution
    MyFeistyEvolution Posts: 1,015 Member
    Shoulders. traps, arms and such. Broad shoulders are sexy...strong backs....solid legs... and the holy V.

    Oh hell....I think men are sexy. period. Work it all baby, work it all.

    By the way...yay for OP being from NH like me! :)
  • kimoRUN
    kimoRUN Posts: 325 Member
    Damn....and all this time I was told to do "curls" for the "girls".
  • Captain_Mal
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    I love my husband's biceps and legs. Biceps first though. I can't even get both hands around them, they're huge.