New to MFP - But not losing weight

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I'm Mark, aged 40 & live in Northern Ireland, UK.

I've recently registered for MFP in what may well be my last final push to lose weight, and get it under control once and for all.

I am currently 17st 12lb (250lb) which has taken me 10 or so years to accumulate. Back then I was 12 stone (168lb) although to get down to 12 stone I lost 6 stone (84lb) as my weight was again up around 18 stone (253lb). Before that I was the proverbial yoyo - up and down. I'm not sure how easily I'll lose the weight this time around, and am worried that my previous dieting efforts my have damaged my metabolism - but as I said, If i don't sort it out soon, I may not get another chance, so I'm 100% committed this time round.

I over eat, pure and simple and I know it. It's really only when my legs start rubbing together and my stomach gets in the way when trying to pick something up that it hits home about how bad a shape I'm in.

While my wife is full of encouragement, I would like to have some peer pressure, and would be grateful if any of you would like to help along, by adding me as a friend. I have flirted with the idea of posting my progress on facebook, but am rather ashamed to let my friends and family know just how fat I really am.

Anyway, I hope you all reach your own goals, and hope to make some friends along the way.



  • Understand thee facebook thing completely , and thee battle with weight loss ( i've been overweight my whole life ) , I'll help with the peer pressure !
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    Welcome to MFP! I will send you out a friend request lets see what we can accomplish together! :)
  • It's a hard struggle but as long as you stay committed, anything is possible. I'm an emotional eater. Whenever I get depressed, bored, or angry I eat. Once you realize what your triggers are for over eating, you can work on them. I just started here a week ago, and it made me open my eyes up to a lot of my eating issues. Portion control is a hard ting to deal, you never realized how much you over eat in one sitting until you log in on the data base! Just be consistent. Exercise does help, no matter how small. I enjoy walking so I make an effort to walk more during the day. Take the stairs whenever possible also helps and commit to do at least 30 minutes of some cardio twice a week. It would be a good start.

    Sodas and sugary drinks are also a weak spot. Really drink the water. yea, it may get boring and bland, but add some fruit to it, or lemons/limes. The acid in lemons aids in the digestion process. I also add Benifiber (colorless and tasteless). It helps me feel fuller and aids in excretion of backed up plumping (if you get what I mean!)

    You are not alone!!

    Hang in there! The people on this site are really sweet, nice and supportive!
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    Funny.....many of the things you said hit home. I can totally identify with the Facebook, yo-yo dieting, etc. And while my husband (like your wife) is encouraging, sometimes its the peer pressure that makes the difference. My problem is I start off really well and I feel really good and then I just eventually stop. Regardless, I feel like this time is different. It needs to be. I'm so afraid of having related health issues like heart disease and stroke that maybe a healthy dose of fear will guide me! Lol! Good luck to you!
  • Hi, im new to this as well. Im 23 at the end of this month, a degree student and a mother to a 7month littlle boy. Not only have i got baby weight to lose but weight that i had put on previously. Just like most of you i have tried diet upon diet for many years but have not got anywhere, in fact ive got heavier. Its time for me to do this once and for all, not just for me but for the baby and my partner as well. I look forward to working alongside all of you.

    Charley xx
  • Hi!
    I'm new here too.
    Loving the community support! It seems to really work.
    I'll be happy to be a friend in the UK! I'm in London. :happy:
  • In regards to the Facebook comment, you can choose what accomplishments are posted onto FB. I chose not to have my weight on there, ( too embarrassing!). You CAN choose just to have your wrightloss and workout,I.e."Kelly just burned --calories doing 25 minutes of cardio". I chose this option because even if no one reads my posts, it's out there for everyone to see! It keeps me honest, and more willing to stay on track! Good luck on your journey!
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    Welcome to MFP....I'm in my late 40s and have been struggling for a few years (okay more than a few). I can say that MFP works. The act of recording your food intake (and exercise if you do it, and water), can help you lose. It can also help you see where you need to make some changes.

    It sounds like you've already identified that you eat more calories than you need. So that's why MFP is so effective. It's factual and won't judge you. But there's a lot of information (and other MFP members) that can help you.

    A couple of books have also helped is "Volumetrics" by Barbara Rolls, I think. The premise is that you can eat a lot of food (volume) if you choose the right things to eat.

    The other book that's helped me is "The Flat Belly Diet." I haven't followed it exactly, but the basic idea is that you need to eat the right fats (monounsaturated instead of transfats or saturated) with each meal in order to feel satisfied and lose weight.

    Anyway, however you decide to lose weight, you CAN do it! Good luck!
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    Welcome to those who are new!! Doesn't matter if you're 40 or your 14, we all are having the similar or same situation :D The best thing is, we are having the same goal. Don't give up and let's support each other! <3
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    Thanks to everyone who has posted a reply and added me as a friend. I have a good feeling, that this time I'll really make it stick.