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Check this out Biggest Loser Fans


  • nbuehrmannnbuehrmann Member Posts: 47 Member Member Posts: 47 Member
  • pamelawhpamelawh Member Posts: 162 Member Member Posts: 162 Member
    an important factor to keep in mind is these people on that show are working out more than 4 hours every day and vigourous exercise. the average person does not work out to that extent however i increased my workout from 30 min of 5 ciruits strength training and 30 min of cardio to 30 min of 5 circuits strength training and 75 min of cardio, next day same strength training and 60 min of cardio alternating for five days and i lost 10 lbs this past week.
  • Healthier_MeHealthier_Me Member Posts: 5,600 Member Member Posts: 5,600 Member
    I agree with pamela...

    It's as if they're in a bootcamp... they workout so much on that show.

    I'm wondering if the celebrities from Celebrity Fit Club workout the same amount as TBL or the "normal" amount b/c their goals were to lose between 2-5 pounds (I think) a week.
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