Diet Soft Drinks Now Taste So Sugary

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I used to drink maybe 1.5 to 2 litres of Pepsi Max per day, but since I started my MFP programme 15 days ago, I have been reducing it to almost zero, and have replaced it with copious amounts of water.

Occasionally (but less and less frequently) I get a Pepsi Max craving, but each mouthful tastes SO sugary and sweet that I almost don't like it. I never expected this to happen given I've drunk so much of it for years, but it's perhaps a nice benefit of the whole endeavour, as I'm probably £20-25 per week better off!

I just wondered if anyone else has had a similar experience with drinks or food, or if there is a proper explanation?




  • cherigurl
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    Um, I don'y drink Pepsi Max but diet pepsi, i have cut down from a liter a day to a small 20oz bottle at lunch, but I can't tell a difference, maybe it is because you cut it out all together, but hey if it saving you $ and you don't need it, why go back? I need it to break up all the water i drink, well not need but like/want, good luck
  • rheiah
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    I usually only drink water & fruit/herbal tea, so when I got a complimentary diet lemonade with my lunch yesterday, I was surprised how extremely sweet it tasted!
    Horrible. Glad to go back to my water.
  • cc32676
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    Regular cokes used to be my drink of choice....I thought I'd never be able to part with them. But they definitely don't taste as good as I remember them. THANK GOODNESS! I'd rather not waste calories on drinks.
  • speedycakes
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    Not a fan of carbonated drinks. Diet drinks are just so toxic, i'm glad you cut back.
  • I think that our taste buds get used to huge amounts of sugar if we are always drinking or eating really concentrated amounts of it (I think the same for salt - my vice). When you replace all that sugar with water/low-sugar foods, then your taste buds get used to having less. I certainly found that with salt - when I stopped putting it on every bloody thing I ate and stopped eating meat (read: I stopped eating super salty bacon!), things that would have usually tasted regular to me tasted a little bit salty! I have noticed that healthy food always tastes better when I've been eating them for a while. Fruit never tastes as awesome as when I haven't eaten much refined sugar for a few weeks.

    Congratulations on reducing your pepsi intake! I hope you spend the extra cash on a lovely reward :).
  • kalepowered
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    I can't drink pop at all anymore without feeling sick. It's not even necessarily just the sugar, the whole package deal just makes me feel ill.
  • shirlsatrying
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    I have been drinking Pepsi max for years and have even felt addicted to it but since being on MFP I have made a real effort to cut down and only have 1 glass a day as a treat, some days I haven't had any at all.
    What I have found helpful is to replace pepsi max with soda water , I like the bubble sensation. Being summer here now it is a lot easier to drink water, not sure how I will go in the winter.
    It is amazing how much you save by not spending it on cool drink, take that and reward yourself for your good efforts : )
  • ive cut all diet drinks has helps me have higher water intake
  • meg7399
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    well good for you! I used to love soda...and cut it out. This was one of the hardest things ever! Every blue moon or so I get a soda (either a pepsi or an orange soda) and it STILL tastes like sweet sweet bliss! I love it...I struggle every day! I think drug addicts and alcoholics feel the same way!
  • MommyofTwinies31
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    I stoped drinking coke zero and i notice the samething i have not had one in almost 2 weeks. Everytime i crave one i just grab water instead. I notice now i am actually starting to loose some weight this is helping to motivate me too to stay away from pop :bigsmile:
  • I drink Coke Zero and love and it Im keeping it ...................
  • kiyawow
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    I was the same drinking Coke, I reduced down to coke zero and although I drink a water occasionally I will have a coke zero... There was a time when out that I have wanted something other than Water so have had a coke.... well that wont be happening again, Like you say its so sugary... its too too much. Of course when you drink it all the time you dont notice. I spoke to a nutrionist who said that this type of thing will happen with anything, if you are used to really spicy foods and decide to cut them out and then go back your palette has changed and adjusted.
  • msharif71
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    Good for you! I think it is your taste buds. I used to drink Mountain Dew all the time but I gave it up for lent about 3 years ago and haven't touched it since, I had one once and it tasted awful to me. I am now struggling with giving up regular Pepsi, I can't drink diet because the sweetner in them makes me sick to my stomach. I am slowly decreasing my intake I go cold turkey 2 days a week, but it is so hard some days. Next month I am uping it to 3 days a week until I am off the stuff.
  • CinJay
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    My husband, who's joined MFP along with me, drank diet Pepsi and on occasion he would drink Coke Zero, usually two cans per day. Since starting 10 days ago, he's maybe had 2 cans total, as a treat. He finds it almost sweet now, a little too much. Once you give up something you used to have on a daily basis your taste buds definitely change! But it does make it easier to keep up the habit. He was also like that with crisps... he would eat at least 3 large bags a week! He's given it up completely and doesn't miss it, finds it too greasy and salty now. It's been great not having these things in the house tempting me as well ;-)
  • ryno0618
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    Excellent! This is a total NSV! Kicking the habit is so good for you. I am glad for you that pepsi max or diet drinks are craved less and less. Getting past soda whether regular or diet is totally doable. We just don't need it like we think we do sometimes. Good work!
  • Takes2long
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    I would drink Diet Lime pepsi, but it's hard to find, so I started to Pepsi max. I've had only 4 so far this month. I find it makes me bloat, and gain 3#. Every. Single. Time. The weight gain doesn't stay, but it sure rears it's ugly head when I try to wear my jeans! It's also making a sensitive tooth REALLY ache. Realized that this past week when that tooth, which hasn't bothered me in a long time, started to ache all the way to my jaw. And I had a soda in my hand at the time. It does taste sweeter, in a bad way, and artificial, once you stop drinking it every day then have one. I'm trying to stop for good.
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    want to stop those cravings & keep yourself away from pepsi altogether ? read this
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    I had been on an orange soda kick for a few months (usually diet, but still bad for you!). Then after about two weeks of eating whole foods, I tried to drink one, and had to spit it out. It just tasted so wrong! Check out this fun article; it kind of explains the effect:
  • I've never been a big fan of soda because of the terrible mouth-feel and excessive sweetness; now once in a while I get my grocery store's (Publix) brand of diet soda (splenda sweetened) and especially the orange; although it looks neon and disgusting like any other orange soda, it's mostly orange and very little ascorbic acid/super sweet. I couldn't believe it when I tasted it, but it's like a truly "light" tasting soda, what I always wished fruit soda tasted like. I was pretty impressed. You can always get a good diet soda and cut it with soda water if you prefer and you really want something like soda... I usually only bother if I'm having pizza, which is also pretty rare.... can't beat delicious filtered water :PPPPPPPPPPP
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    i used to have reg coke as diet coke has never tasted good and that was only if i was having jack daniels but not i prefer to use pressed fruit juice with jt on the odd time i have it but other than that carbonated drinks have been a no no for me since october 2009.
    since that time my taste buds can not stand high sugar or artificially sweetened drinks and prefer a good cup of tea unsweetened with skimmed milk or cold filtered or bottle water