5'3" 20 years old with over 100 lbs to lose - I need friends

Heyy - I'm just starting my journey on getting healthy again.

I'm 20 years old, close to 280 lbs, and I'm five-three. I started working out today and I remembered why I used to LOVE to be active, it FEELS soooo amazing!

I'm looking for friends that are around the same age,need to lose the same amount of weight, same height...so on and so on. But any friends are awesome, all the motivation and support is needed :D:D

Send me a message/add me as a friend. Can't wait to hear from you :)


  • WJMont
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    Well we're a lil dif! But sure we can still help each other! I'm 5'9" 166lbs, strict diet and workout routine, goals to gain 8 lean lbs in 11 wks and lose 6% body fat. Hit me up and we can motivate each other!
  • fittocycle
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    I just wanted to pop in and say 'hi'! I'm also 5'3" and when I was 18, I tipped the scales at around 196. I still remember looking around in my high school classes, trying to figure out if I was the biggest one in the class. Not fun! Anyway, I lost weight my first year of college and have tried to keep it under control every since. It can be done so please don't get discourage! Quite frankly, I'm old enough to be your mom and weigh 128-129 now. If I can do it and keep it off, you can do it for sure! Best of luck to you!:flowerforyou:
  • I am 27 yoa. I have struggled with my weight for a long time. I am 4ft 11in. I weigh 230lbs. I have a hard time staying motivated. I love the workout and how I feel after. I have a hard time maintaining a diet. I need to find or create a structure a balance and keep to it. Nice to meet you.
  • Hey good luck with your goals, We are about the same in size so I know what you are going through. I started off at 265 and have been slowly going down hill with my weight. Every day is a chalenge, that is why we take it one day at a time! :)
  • I'm not your age (actually I'm twice your age!) but I also need to lose 100 lbs. MFP is a great site. I started at the beginning of January and I'm down about 12 lbs. Right now my will power and motivation are high. Hope it stays that way! Good luck - lots of support here.
  • I need to find or create a structure a balance and keep to it.

    I found out recently that the best way to start this is with a good sleep regimine. I make myself go to bed at a good hour and get up early enough to give me time to get ready for work and eat a REAL breakfast! That really gets you going for the day!
  • OfficerFuzzy
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    I'm a year younger than you, a little shorter but I'll add you anyways.
    If it's any better, I'm made of pure awesome. :)

    Good luck! You're going to be awesome. ,<3
  • amywils77
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    Hello!!!! I'm not 20 years old (actually...I'm 34) but I am 5'3"! A few years back I tipped the scales at 258 lbs. I have struggled with weight a good part of my life. In 2011 I managed to get my weight down to 204 (which is what it is now) but I still have a long way to go. I HATE that I weigh more than my husband! I've been ultra motivated lately and I have a wedding I'm going to be in coming up in September. So......add me! I'm trying to make this as fun as possible!
  • NewTeena
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    You are my daughter's age, but I do have 100+ lbs to lose and am 5'1". I'll leave it up to you whether or not you'd like to add me, but if you're ever looking for mom type advice or comforting I could be a beneficial person in your support system.

  • Hey, I'm 24, 290lbs now, lost 4lbs before I joined this site. I've started this lifestyle change 1 week ago. I'm also 5'3. Would love to have a lot of encouragement as well. I feel great after this first week and surprisingly I can fit into my old 22w jeans! Keep up the good work!
  • mochama12487
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    I'm 24, 5'6" and weigh 288 pounds. Always welcome more friends to help encourage each other on this difficult journey.
  • heavenlyhazel
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    Hi! I am 35 (so no where near your age) and a mom of 4 (so no where near where you are in life), but I am 5'5" (close to your height at least) and have 106 pounds to lose (so I have over 100 to lose too!). I just started here 4 days ago but I am happy to help anyone and receive support in return. Send me a friend request if you like.
  • jcnjsgurl
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    I'm not your height or weight, but I am in this weight loss game too. Please feel free to add me if you'd like.
  • mrh1227
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    You're in the right place for support! I'll add you as a friend, and I'd be glad to assist you with any questions you may have about diet and exercise :)
  • Hi! I'm 25, and I just started this week. I'm also looking for a support system and I have about 90 lbs to lose. I enjoy working out and I'm a former water polo player, I just have trouble sticking to anything, but this time I want to stick to it for good. Anyone feel free to add me if they like. I'm looking for all of the great advice I can get!
  • LydiaRomero
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    be my friend. i i weighted 190 over four weeks ago and im down to 178. i started alone and then added fitnesspal. and today i decided to get some friends. i use herbalife to kick start this revolution but im also looking to do other things so i dont rely on just this. im a great motivator if your interested. by the way im 24 married with two kids.:laugh:
  • jmp33
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    Hi I am 34 4'7" and need to lose about 90lbs. If you want to add me we could share support
  • HI, i have tried many diets and have joined weight watchers on 2 different occasions. It worked but I found it difficult to keep track of my food intake. Since I found this app on my phone about 12 days ago I have been keeping track and have lost 6 lbs. My phone is always with me and it has been really easy. I have over 80 lbs to lose and I have all the confidence that I can do it this time. Stay within your calorie intake and you can do it to.
  • shift325
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    Hi jenny-lou,

    Im a 33yr female, 5'4", 275 and just starting my journey as well. Ive connected with coworkers on here and find it very encouraging. Im right there with you having to lose over 100lbs. Baby steps. I set my first goal for just getting under 200. When i make there ill set a new goal.
  • kaitiebeth89
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    Hi there! Good luck on your journey! I'm 22 and 5'3. At the start of my weight loss I had 95 pounds to lose. So I'm getting there slowly, which is how it should be.