Quick, healthy, low calorie snacks???? Anyone?



  • amywils77
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    Yum....you all have some great ideas! Thanks!
  • My favorite are:
    Veggies and FF Ranch
    Celery and PB
    Veggies and Hummus
    Apple Cinn Rice Cake and PB
    Beef Jerky

    Cheese and grains are a weight gain trigger for me so I try to stay away from them as much as possible
  • SGRHO23
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    Great list!
  • kathdela
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    Lately, my favorite snacks have been
    - 2 pieces of light string cheese
    -speciak K Cracker/Chips
    -1/2 cup of greek yogurt with frozen strawberries mixed in
  • i love slicing a cucumber thin and put in a bowl and squeeze the juice of a whole lemon over the top. So yummy!
  • meli_mel25
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    I love edamame!
  • My fav snack is 2-3 lettuce leaves 6 slices of lean turkey lunch meat and a little bit of honey mustard. Roll 2-3 pieces of meat in each leaf and add a touch of mustard, 100 calories. Yummy and filling too. I also like 3 wasa crisp bread slices with 1 laughing cow wedge and 5 grape tomatoes sliced on top, also 100 calories. 1 other easy one--Lipton cup of soup packet, 50-60 calories. I am usually craving a savory snack.
  • karagav
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    Melba toast w/cottage cheese
  • macx2mommy
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    Roasted seaweed, either the sheets, or the little packages. Its like eating chips, but really healthy.

    Tonight, we did our own version of sushi without rice. Made seaweed 'wraps'. We used a baked scramble egg, sliced thinly, imitation crab meat, shrimp, shredded carrots, cumber strips, advocado, and rolled it in the seeweed. Depending on what I put it, it was under 100 cal, and was almost like sushi. We dipped it in the soy and wasabi...
  • Yoplait Satisfy yogurts are my favourite. Most of them are 70-90 calories, too. You also get a decent serving and they fill you up really nicely :) Skinny cows are also great, as well as special K 100 calorie dessert bars! Be warned these are quite small though so they're not nearly as satisfying as the first two suggestions :)