Three things that made you happy today



  • Guatamellon
    Guatamellon Posts: 102 Member
    1- Went to orientation to start college...YAY!!!
    2- My daugter said that I am the best mom EVER!
    3- Work went by fast today. It was a good day :)
  • Marie294
    Marie294 Posts: 304
    This is a great idea!

    Things that made me happy today-
    - Going to the grocery store and stocking up fully on fresh fruits and veggies.
    -Coming home to my sweet boyfriend and our adorable cats, where it was nice and toasty warm (After having been out in the rain and snow)
    -Making a big sale in my job!
    -Random texts from my brother. :)
  • rwwerner
    rwwerner Posts: 42 Member
    1) Sent out my daughters Bat Mitzva invitations.
    2) Impressed with my son's essay he wrote today.
    3) Had a big bowl of ice cream and was still under my calorie goals for the day!
  • Helenatrandom
    Helenatrandom Posts: 1,167 Member
    I went for a walk today!

    I had dinner waiting for me in the crock pot when I came home from a busy day.

    I made a sick friend laugh.
  • sendit
    sendit Posts: 28
    1. Seeing some really low numbers on the scale
    2. Being recognized by my boss for going above and beyond
    3. Crushing the hardest climb to date. V7+
  • GreatSetOfBrains
    GreatSetOfBrains Posts: 678 Member
    1. I woke up sore! Took lots of winter photos yesterday :) musta done some squatting
    2. My sister ask fir help from the most responsible person she knows!
    3. I worked out Plans to carpool and save $1000 on gas this semester.
  • Elf_Princess1210
    Elf_Princess1210 Posts: 913 Member
    1. I got a hug from my husband
    2. Molly and I cuddled today ( my doggy)
    3. I was able to sleep for 8 hours
  • 1.) I had a good giggle with a couple friends when I shared an inside joke with them.

    2.) Walked a new dog who hit puppy turbo and had me dying laughing when he was zipping around pissing my dog off when she couldn't keep up.

    3.) Tried out a new South Beach Diet Recipe and it was a success and totally delish!
  • GreatSetOfBrains
    GreatSetOfBrains Posts: 678 Member
    1- Went to orientation to start college...YAY!!!
    2- My daugter said that I am the best mom EVER!
    3- Work went by fast today. It was a good day :)

  • khk2010
    khk2010 Posts: 451 Member
    I like this.

    A walk with my daughter and dog made me happy.
    Chocolate orange slice tasted really good.
    And I am under calories for the day.
  • wbgolden
    wbgolden Posts: 2,071 Member
    1) I ran my fastest mile in 11 months :D
    2) I got my swimming instruction dvds/books :)
    3) I had this gigantic steak burrito that, while not the best food choice, made me happy happy happy. :D
  • RaeLB
    RaeLB Posts: 1,338 Member
    1. got a good hug from someone today
    2. a boring lecture got cut short by a fire alarm (no fire)
    3. had words of affirmation and encouragement from a professor
  • marhattap
    marhattap Posts: 149 Member
    1. Hanging out with my best friend, Ben.
    2. Getting called "Hot" by Garron.
    3. Talking to my sister, Christy.
  • 1. Pushed myself to go to Zumba today
    2. Had a great time making dinner with my daughter
    3. Had a wonderful day with my family.
  • gabbingfilly
    gabbingfilly Posts: 106 Member
    1.) My daughter woke up in a very lovey mood.
    2.) My hubby didn't have to work tomorrow and came home a day early.
    3.) My hair looked amazing :)
  • pg1girl
    pg1girl Posts: 268 Member
    Had a great 35 km ride on my bike
    Snuggled with my gorgeous hubby for a while after work
    Laughed with each of my three handsome boys.

    Life is good. Thx for this thread!
  • ShellyMacchi
    ShellyMacchi Posts: 975 Member
    1. i managed to fill up the car with gas at 90.5 cents a litre (had 5 cents off coupon)... this is awesome since by tomorrow morning all the stations will be at 104.9 cents per litre! Yay thrifty me! *LOL*

    2. I got all the nail holes spackled on the 'crown' moulding i put up in the kitchen on reno house project, and edges all taped ready for caulking and painting tomorrow. VERY happy with the way it is looking, not easy to put moulding up in a 100 year old house with wonky walls and ceilings and have it look good!

    3. No arguement with husband at all today. A nice change *wry laugh*
  • brownidgirl35
    brownidgirl35 Posts: 15 Member
    I love this!
    1) My husband gave me a hug before I left for work tonight and said he could tell I had lost weight/inches because he could reach around me better. Yeah!
    2) The severe weather that was supposed to hit us today actually blew over. Thank the Lord!
    3) I had a great laugh reading kb455's comment about her child complaining of his "muffin top". Priceless!

    Good luck to everyone and have a great day/night!
  • skir927
    skir927 Posts: 61 Member
    I needed this today!

    1. My two-year-old told me he was "mine baby." :heart:
    2. Today is the 15th anniversary of the first time my husband and I kissed. And, not only did he remember, he brought home flowers and cake.
    3. I took a much needed nap!
  • gp79
    gp79 Posts: 1,799 Member
    I ate this: photo-8.jpg

    Then this: photo-9.jpg

    And the third...tomorrow's cheesecake is in the oven.