Share your ab/core workout

Hi Everyone! I am looking to hear what you all do to improve your core and work towards those abs.

I am recovering from elbow surgery where they put in 26 screws and 3 plates so I am unable to things such as planks. But I'd love to hear what you all do

Thanks in advance


  • kfox15
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    Ab ripper X twice a week but other than that I just focus on engaging my core while doing my other strength exercises like squats, dead lifts etc. I'm amazed at how sore my abs are on days I don't do a single sit up!
  • Legend2point0
    Hanging Knee Raises 25x3, twice a week
    Hanging Leg Lifts 25x3, twice a week
    Crunches 25x3, twice a week.
    Plank and hold 1 minute x 3, twice a week.

    You'll feel that from sternun to pelvic bone, but it gets easier and easier.
  • live4turns
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  • Strobins05
  • daffodil23
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    Pilates is great for the core! I also find it relaxing and simple, and a lot my favorite moves don't require arms at all, like leg circles and such. Just that alone has my abs burning the next day.
  • addisondisease
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    Front pause squats 5 seconds or more
  • sundinsgurl
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    Thank you soo much!! I will be saving all of these and mixing it up each week wit these :)
  • Sl1ghtly
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    For direct core work; SLDL's, suspended leg raise, and hyperextensions. I tried a plank one time, but the dog decided they should be weighted...
  • ohpiper
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    Ab Rippers with P90X have been good for me.
  • Saxmis
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    For direct core work; SLDL's, suspended leg raise, and hyperextensions. I tried a plank one time, but the dog decided they should be weighted...

    Haha, I don't think I have ever once laughed out loud whilst reading the forums here... until this!

    My cat likes to try to give me nose kisses when I'm doing push-ups or planks... very distracting.

    On another note, I do Pilates most days to keep my core in check =)
  • Tubby2Toned
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    Overhead squats
    Ab wheel roll outs
    Wind mills
    Decline twisting weighted sit ups

    Not all at the same time. Usually one or the other.
  • bmkx0
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  • bshedwick
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    Ab ripper X - usually twice a week.
  • Angela_thinner
    You can do something as easy (ok, well anything with abs isn't really easy) as laying on your back, place your hands under your butt and just lift your legs, or just hold them up. You'll feel them.

    Crunches of course.

    The crunches that I did today was to lay on my back, legs at a 90% angle but spread in a V, hands stretched out in between the legs and lift your head and shoulders reaching your hands between your legs with each crunch.

    Lots of great core exercises you can do if you get an exercise ball.

    I'm so lucky to be able to take a core class at work 4 days a week at lunch time. I take a yoga class on the other day.

    Good luck!
  • 2Bgoddess
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    Not sure what it's called, but I start with a side plank, put my hand on my ear, with my elbow up, then I tip myself down so my elbow is much closer to the floor, them back up. 6 on each side. Then sorta like crunches, but i stick my legs straight up and reach up to my ankles at the same time. Dozens of those stupid things, my trainer likes to kill us, and then a moving plank. (Start in a plank, then move to the side, left leg and arm, then right leg and arm, kinda like step, together, step, together. But on all fours.) Killer.
  • Topsking2010
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  • tangal88
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    ab ripper 3 times a week with leg and wrist weights, also do hanging leg raises, and planks. Have switched to AB Ripper two in the past three months, so now use it with weights. Its all good.
  • bstamps12
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    Options has different ab workouts every day. They are always different and have a large variety of different ab moves, complete with a video of how to do each workout. They're pretty good workouts, although sometimes they say like "repeat 3 times" and I need to do it 4 times or do more reps to "feel the burn"